Mon, Dec. 09

On the edge

... we live our lives on the edge ... earth is a little planet hurtling through space whilst circumnavigating a minor star out near the edge of s rather ordinary galaxy that is about a hundred thousand light years in diameter and it is only one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in our universe which is but one of hundreds of billions of universes (according to the multiverse theories). BUT it is our little planet, or at least it is where we find ourselves living, learning, loving, dreaming and eventually passing on.

We did not create earth, had nothing to do with all that went before us and will have no effect on its future ... simply space travelers of another kind surviving the hiccups of the planet as best we can. We define portions of the surface as belonging to us, our governments do the same and claim that they will keep us safe and help us, when we know from experience that they are as good at that as they are in altering the future of the planet and the destiny of our star, the sun. I choose to enjoy this little sojourn on earth and while there is little I can do to change anything, I do have the ability to perceive life and our existence as I choose and to enjoy the gift of life and all that I see while I am here ... and so I do.

The image this morning (more head on keyboard time earlier) is a composite of an aerial winter shot of the San Francisco Peaks in winter and a Hubble shot. Mountains are the highest portions of earth and touch the outer regions where we transition into space and find the blending with all that is, free of the mindless noise and activities of the temporary residents of the planet who occupy the lower regions and never know the wonder of all that is.

Have a great weekend and when you look up at the night sky, allow a slight smile form on your face as you too wonder at this incredible place we find ourselves in.



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