Thu, Jan. 23


By now most sensible voters should be thoroughly disabused of the notion that government is capable of doing anything efficiently. The details of Obamacare now being exposed make it clear it will be the most expensive "lower-cost" health system ever devised and that government is the poorest possible delivery system. To recognize just one example of IRS inefficiency, the disbursement of $13 billion annually to unqualified recipients of the earned income tax credit, should make any taxpayer leery of that department in charge of their health insurance.

If the average American could see past the efforts to divide us for political purposes, liberals and conservatives would realize that we want the same thing; affordable, accessible health cares for all. With each day's exposures we are now learning that we were sold a bill of goods quite different from what was promised by the current administration. We were told, on average, we would save $1200 a year. We were told "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." We were told "If you like your policy, you can keep your policy- period!"

The Wall Street Journal has reported that there was much discussion in the White House concerning how much "detail" - truth - the president should use in his speeches selling Obamacare. Details such as how many people would lose their insurance "...could be confusing and clutter the president's message," and " inevitably lose some accuracy when you do that." The president now explains, basically, we're too stupid to trust with the facts, that he knows what's best for us. In other words, you can keep your doctor/policy if HE likes it!

It has been shown that of the 30-40 million uninsured Americans, only about 10 million actually cannot afford insurance or are uninsurable. Most either choose not to buy for personal reasons, or are eligible for Medicaid, VA benefits, etc, and have not enrolled. But those about to be disenfranchised, 10 to 15 million (so far are finding that they may not be able to afford health insurance after the government provides for the current uninsured. In other words, we will have exchanged one group of uninsured for another! And - the Congressional Budget Office predicts there will still be 30 million Americans without insurance. That isn't fairness. That is just stupidity.

Obamacare isn't what we want, it isn't what we need. We need a government that will cut waste, reduce frivolous lawsuits so doctors can practice without fear, insure competition between all insurers and fix smothering regulation that impedes the free market in health care. Those who can afford but refuse to insure themselves should not be allowed to file bankruptcy on medical bills that would have been mitigated by insurance. A safety net of medical insurance could then be provided for the truly needy at a fraction of the cost of Obamacare.

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