Thu, June 27

By any other name... a rose is still a rose

By any other name... a rose is still a rose ... a home down at Moons View and Gunsight has a hedge made up of rose bushes and when I walk that way I always try to get a good shot of one or more of the blooms ... I seldom succeed. Since the blooms are part of a hedge they frequently have many blems or other issues and I end up dumping them. I got this shot about a week ago and for a change I actually liked it and hope you enjoy it too.

It was a very good day and I got a lot of work done on images, fine tuning software and removing the last of the issues with the re-installation of Win 8 Pro on my computer. The Microsoft tech guy I talked with had the same problem on one of his computers, so it was a quick and neat fix. Good things do happen! Cork had kind of a rough day so late afternoon we headed into town just to get a change of scenery. Monday night football capped the day and it was a good game even though the Packers could not pull a win out.

I bought a tablet for Corky and even though she cannot use it, caregivers and I can take care of reading the emails to her and sending replies. Also we can store books both audio and kindle on it. Should have the email operational on the device by Wednesday and the address is still . We'll try to keep somewhat current with the emails.

Have established an AOL email account and hopefully when Network Solutions and AOL are not "talking" I will still be able to send the nightly missives to those with AOL accounts. We'll see how it goes.

Have a terrific day, smile and



Sleep sweetly now that the gates of the crimson night are closed,

and leave tomorrow's struggle for tomorrow;

The earth is peaceful, only the stars and still moon are abroad, and they wage no war.

Max Ehrmann