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Team Green for Recycling

Kate Blevins knows her recycling. She is the CEO and founder of Verde Earthworks (VEW) and has been foundational to recycling in the Sedona and Verde Valley area for over two decades.

Why Recycle?

• Recycling creates more local jobs for local residents.

• Recycling reduces volume of waste hauled to landfills, extending their life and providing wildlife habitat.

• Recycling reduces total energy and raw materials required to make everyday products such as soda cans, carpeting, and coffee cups.

"Our interest is truly in recycling and helping the environment," according to Kate.

Verde Earthworks provides full

service recycling for small business and commercial complexes, green debris collection, and on-site composting.

Verde Earthworks currently works with approximately 200 businesses in the Sedona Verde Valley area and Kate wants to grow that number to 400. Kate's qualified staff will do a complimentary waste audit and show a business how to downsize its waste by over 40%. VEW will then work with your business staff to make recycling convenient within your organization, with plans as low as $8 per month.

In addition to their business-to-business customers they provide residential services to Oak Creek Canyon and Rimrock.

This fall, Verde Earthworks is upgrading their services to incorporate "co-mingled" recycling to all of their business and residential clients.

Co-mingled recycling is the mixing of recyclable materials into the same collection container - plastics, paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans. This service enhancement is focused on creating an easier recycling opportunity for customers and an overall greater volume of collected recyclable materials. This will improve effectiveness in collection services; reduce carbon emissions by more efficiently planning collection routes, and providing an even more inclusive recycling service for the Verde Valley and Sedona areas.

They also accept Green Debris at $7 per cubic yard and sell compost at $30 per cubic yard.

Kate invites you to be part of the GREEN TEAM. Recycling is smart do your part.

Waste and Recycling Hand in Hand

Just over a year ago Taylor Waste and Verde Earthworks (VEW) decided it was time to partner in the world of waste and recycling.

Today, Taylor Waste provides curbside recycling and delivers materials to be sorted at VEWs material reclamation facility. "I used to take our recyclables to a facility in Prescott. Through this partnership, we are keeping it local. It creates more jobs for our community," said Chris Taylor. The curbside service costs only 28 cents a day. The recyclables are picked up 2x a month and will decrease your trash output by approximately 50%.

What is special about this program? When you recycle with Taylor Waste, 95% of your recyclables are turned back into new products. You are also helping the local economy by creating jobs at Taylor Waste.

In comparison, if your local trash company is picking up your trash and then sorting the recyclables out themselves approximately 10% of recyclable materials are diverted from the waste stream.

An issue with not separating trash and recycling collection is contamination. Any recyclable that has food stains or other waste on them is contaminated and will be moved to a standard landfill.

Taylor Waste currently does 20 tons a month in recyclables and hopes to increase the tonnage each month with your help.

Kate speaks highly of Chris and Taylor Waste. According to her, he provides #1 service and the two businesses work together to maximize efficiency.

Kate says, this is the right hand working with the left hand together to create an efficient recycling program for our local community. Visit us at or call (928)284-3778.

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