Thu, Jan. 23

Northern Arizona abounds in geological history

Eons... are on display in Northern Arizona and according to one of my soaring/flying buddies who is also a geologist, there is more geological history on the surface in Northern Arizona than any other place on planet earth. I do not remember the names of all the layers which are on display, but I do appreciate their beauty. Today was one of those forever days where the only limitation to see features is your altitude and the horizon.

This is a shot from a couple of miles NW of Roden Crater looking to the ESE. Roden Crater, the art project of James Turrell; you can learn more about this fascinating project at: . The canyon running to the SE from the left upper side of the image is the Little Colorado River which is one of the few rivers that flow to the north, and the river drains the White Mountains which are visible on the horizon some one hundred miles +/- away. You can see where the river tags a horse shoe type jog; this was caused by the lava flow from Roden Crater and water being what it is needed to and did find a path which eventually eroded softer material and continued its path northwards about another fifty or so miles where it joins the Colorado River at the Confluence. The confluence marks the end of Marble Canyon and the beginning of the Grand Canyon. Here the Little Colorado Canyon is perhaps a few hundred feet deep and at the confluence it is about four thousand feet deep. The painted desert is also visible.

It was cold up there today, but so beautiful I didn't feel like heading home. Roden Crater is approximately sixty nautical miles NE of Sedona. Distance from Roden Crater to Grand Falls which is at this end of the big bend in the river canyon is about five miles. There was water in the river, but didn't look like anything was coming over the falls ... it is a mud fall, and instead of mists of water you get mists of dust ... really!

For a change everything went good upgrading all three devices to Win 8 pro today. I know I'll pay for that down the road, but it was a pleasant experience. Corky's tablet came today and I'll set it up tomorrow, but please hold off until next week as she is going into Kachina on Thursday and I leave for a five day respite break. Still no clue as to where or how I'll go. Flying down to Falcon Field to have the electrical system reworked and modified on Friday. Heath said I could borrow a car to go shoot wildlife at the Gilbert Riparian area while they work on the plane so that will be fun ... then to California? We'll see. Camping out at the Grand Canyon in the van sounds good too; family Anderson fixed the electrically operated bed in the van so looking forward to trying that out too.

Have a very good day today and share a smile and thanks for being out there; a good feeling!



I bring but this one common thought, my life has wrought;

That from the dregs of drear despair, still everywhere

There is a joy I yet may sip - Tis comradeship

With all mankind, the high and low

I know.

Max Ehrmann

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