Wed, Feb. 26

The view from above

Reprise... about three years ago, Corky and I went for a flight after church and headed north; Rogers lake was filled with water and the San Francisco Peaks were snowcapped. This afternoon as I headed up over the plateau on my way to the peaks I looked over to the west a ways and saw that Rogers Lake again had water and also a lot of snow so it was over there to line up another shot of the lake and the peaks. Because the water was center to south of the lake I could not get low enough to get the reflection of the peaks in the water ... maybe if I skimmed the tree tops I could have done it ... naw do not think so.

Winds below 10,000' were relatively benign, but above that it was pretty cool; most of the time I was above 12,000' and with an indicated airspeed of 70 kts I had a ground speed of 129 knots. With winds like that hipping around the peaks I kept my distance from the slopes. It was beautiful up there today with virtually unlimited visibility. North of the peaks the clouds were very low and likely producing ground fog. The temperature was also cool at about 20 degrees F, but with the sun streaming into the cockpit it was very pleasant.

Hope your Thanksgiving celebrations were joyful and you enjoyed the company of friends and family. Some good turkey and fixings too.

Back on Monday, have a wonderful weekend and share your joy



The green of all the fields is mine, the stars, the night, the wind at play,

A peaceful heart, while quietly

I go my way

Max Ehrmann

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