Tue, July 23

Letter: I didn't retire ... I quit


About two years ago alot of my friends thought I retired. You are wrong if that is what thought I did. I was put part time after twenty one years of working there. That took my insurance and four weeks of vacation from me. In case you think Obama health plan will help you, look what it did for me.

You will see alot of people only working twenty nine hours or less, so they don't have to pay for insurance. It is either President Obama's way or none at all. Look at the things that have gone on and we have no answers. Why did they go wrong?

Don't be fooled by some of the things he says. Keep an eye on the things he is doing over seas now. Iran is pulling the wool over his eyes. I wouldn't trust any of those countries. They are just dictators, I hope we don't get one here in America. I worry about the people of United States of America.

It is sad it is my way or no way at all, from Obama.

The Republicans will get blamed for this, but I feel it is going to back fire on the Democrats in the Senate.

Just remember what happened to me after working twenty one years in the same place. I lost everything that I worked so long for. I could tell you of some places in town that are hiring part time only. You are going to see more of it from now on.

With the Lord's help I have been able to keep things going.

Lavone Turnipseed

Camp Verde