Fri, Jan. 17

The view from 16,000 feet

Nice...that pretty well describes the view from 16,000' this morning. There is some residual dust in the air but otherwise a very clear morning with unlimited vision The view in this shot is from a vantage point well to the NE of Flagstaff looking to the SW. In the left lower quadrant you can see Sunset Crater which is the latest of the volcanoes in the field to erupt. The frequency is between eight hundred and a thousand years; Sunset erupted around 1085 AD which means that it is possible the next volcano will erupt during our lifetimes. That would be cool! Just above and to the left of Sunset is the black volcanic cinder field that NASA used to practice the lunar landings and further above it is Mt Elden and you can see Flagstaff spilling along I40 to the left of it. Above and to the right of it are the San Francisco Peaks; to the right and on the edge of the photograph is part of Kendrick Peak and going left Sitgreaves Mt and Bill Williams Mt just above Humphreys Peak. The first line running from left to right is the edge of the Colorado Plateau and on the leftmost side you can see the red rocks of Sedona. Beyond that Mingus Mountain and above that Towers Mt and running to the right the Bradshaw's and about the center (very hard to see in an image this size) is Harquahala Mt W of Aguila which is close to two hundred miles from where I took this shot.

Anyhow, I also got a lot of shots looking to the NW from over Mingus in the Camp Verde area. Spent two and a half hours between 14 and 16,000' and didn't feel like coming in, but there were other things to do. We had a busy and fun day. In nine hours I am off to California and staying with a friend in Carlsbad who has a lot of fun activities planned and some quiet time too. Corky will be in Kachina and if you can stop in and visit her she will enjoy it. A friend is taking care of One and life is good for us.

Probably will not get another email out until mid-week next week. My new laptop has not arrived and neither has my new tablet. See, if I can get my old laptop reconfigured before I leave.

Cheers and have a wonderful day and weekend ... share what beauty you find in life and smile.


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