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1925: COTTONWOOD FIRE; Joseph R. Hall Building, 1925-1926.

"SLOWLY CLEARING: Gradually the old ruins of the recent fire that bear mute testimony of carelessness, lack of unity, and wholesale destruction, are being torn down and those that were felled are being broken up and carted away. J. R. Hall has most of his property cleaned up and has men at work sorting the cement blocks from the fallen wall on his side of the division line of the bakery." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Monday, May 11, 1925; page 3, columns 3-4.)

"BEGINS EXCAVATION: J. R. Hall has begun excavation for the foundation for his proposed new fire proof building, which will be 25 feet wide and possibly 60 feet in length and will be so constructed that with no great trouble he will be able to go back the full length of the lot. With the Willard building to the north of his lot and Fred Eckert building to the south of him, he will be a partner in two party walls. This system of building, if continued throughout the burned area, will lessen the cost of rehabilitating and insure fire proof construction at a minimum." (Verde Copper News; May 12, 1925; page 3, column 4.)

"HALL BUILDING: Charles Kilgore, a former carpenter and contractor in this locality, started to make the frames for the foundation and the footwalls of the J. R. Hall building. The building will be made out of the same class of cement blocks that are being used by Charles D. Willard and the others that are in the process of rebuilding. The Farley-Osborn Transfer company is hauling all the necessary material." (Verde Copper News; May 20, 1925; page 3, column 5.)

"DOING PLUMBING: J. R. Hall is doing the plumbing in his building, in the Mac Willard building and will have the plumbing in several others. He has some capable help that work with him. He himself is a good plumber and contemplates a tinning and plumbing shop of first class order for Cottonwood." (Verde Copper News; June 23, 1925; page 3, columns 3-4.)

"BUILDING: The Hall building is being trussed and made ready for the roof." (Verde Copper News; July 1, 1925; page 3, column 3.)

"BUILDING: E. E. Maxwell finished [plastering] the J. R. Hall building and will soon be through with the Eckert building [Olive Oil Traders]. By that time he will probably begin coating the exterior and interior walls of the new Giordano building [Cottonwood Hotel]. (Verde Copper News; July 31, 1925; page 2, columns 4-5.)

"ABOUT COMPLETE: J. R. Hall has about completed a 40 foot extension on his Main street building and the walls, roof and windows and door on the outside are about all completed. There still remains the cement floor and the ceiling to be completed and plastering before it will be ready for occupation. Hall will have the third 100-foot building in the block, that is almost entirely fireproof." (Verde Copper News; January 8, 1926; page 6, column 2.)

J. R. HALL BUSY: Joe Hall is busily engaged in putting in a set of booths in the front part of his new concrete building and in about 30 days will open a restaurant in connection with his other business. W. I. Willison and his son are doing the work of setting in the booths, the Cottonwood Lumber company is furnishing the material, and some of the fixtures are being built by the lumber company and delivered on the job." (Verde Copper News; March 30, 1926; page 2, column 2.)

"J. R. HALL REOPENS: Last Saturday morning J. R. Hall threw open the doors of his new cafe to the public and is enjoying a fine patronage ever since. He now has a fine building 100 feet long and the front 60 feet is devoted to a cafe, soft drinks, cigars and candies, while the pool hall has been moved to the rear of the building. The front has all been fitted with expensive booths with a mirror in each one of them and are screened from the long lunch counter by a stockade partition. The counter in front is faced with a row of turning chairs of comfortable pattern and everything for the comfort of the patrons is installed. Mrs. Ed. Barney, the well known chef, is ably assisted by Mrs. Minnie Hall, and they are turning out the food that brings the patronage."

"Hall operated a restaurant here in 1917 and was in the restaurant and hotel business when the big fire of December 3, 1917, burned his place along with six other business houses and then after the fire he ran a restaurant again in an old frame building that burned down in the last fire. He also operated a restaurant for a time in the old Bungalow cafe. So, he is no novice in the art of feeding people."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome, Friday, April 23. 1926; page 2, columns 2-3.)

See: The Verde Independent; "1924: JOE HALL; New Building; Jailed March 17;" March 14, 2013.

The original windows and transom windows remain intact. The entry and door were changed before the 1999 survey, then a large glass door was installed more recently. At the street level, an "antique" brick sheathing was added. These changes meant that the building was not considered to be a contributing element in the Cottonwood Commercial Historic District. (see: National Register of Historic Places; Historic Property Inventory Form; 1999, OTC-18.)

This building, at 1004 North Main Street, is occupied by Papillion II, an antique store.