Fri, Jan. 17

Village litter, recycling and cleaner roadways in VOC

Good News: We are getting a bit less litter on our roadways. Could it be a trend fostered by our recycling and good habits? Are we using those reusable grocery bags we sometimes leave in the car? Our 2012 KSB Litter Field Study, cooperating with Sedona Recycles, told us that 70 percent of our random litter was recyclable.

So, let's go for more recycling and renewable consumer habits, Like bagging, refilling water bottles, smoking cessation, while saying onto the evil plastic grocery bags. Of course, thanks to the KSB Litter Lifters volunteers, your neighbors, removing roadside items each month on our major roadways. KSB is working to deal with ongoing litter management issues.

Roadside Sale Signs on SR 179: When discussing KSB's Adopt-A-Highway Permits with ADOT, we learned that ADOT is aware of the VOC signage issue. ADOT confirms that no Signs, temporary or otherwise, may be placed in the State Highway Right-of-Way (roughly sidewalk to sidewalk, past the landscaping, including all islands AND the Roundabout center), without a Permit. Such signs (garage, moving sale, Realtor, etc.) are illegal and classified as Litter and subject to removal. Moreover, placing such signs in the 179 RoW is unsafe and unsightly. In our view, the Gateway to VOC, our All-American Road, should really be free of these signs. KSB Litter Lifters, frontage businesses and the landscape maintenance contractor work to keep a good appearance. Please help by taking personal responsibility.

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