Thu, Feb. 20

On the fly in Page Springs

What fun... this afternoon whilst Corky had a friend over for a visit I took off for the ponds in Page Springs. The weather was good duck hunting weather with a bit of rain and strong cool winds which tends to keeps the ducks low; it was like the fall afternoons during duck season in Minnesota when I was a kid, except now I am not cutting school to go hunting and using a camera instead of a shotgun. Anyhow the migration has started and a flock of Widgeons has arrived as well as some more mallards. Also saw a pair of Wood Ducks and got some great shots of them. A Red Tail hawk also gave me some great shots too. I mean this was a seriously fun outing and I had the whole place to myself.

Attaching a shot of a Greenhead Mallard I jumped ... comparisons; when I was a kid I would have killed it, had to clean it and eat it (rules for hunting in our house) ... now I can shoot it as many times as I want and rather than the food thing I get to review and work on images of this beautiful creature and marvel at all of creation and he gets to live and perhaps be the subject of another shoot by me ... or someone else. I'm glad that my Dad taught me how to hunt and I have a treasure trove of memories of hunts with dad and my brothers as well as friends and I think everyone should learn to do so ... I prefer the camera now as I do like the meat I get in the supermarkets better ... and someone else cleans and packages it for me. Plus the hunts with a camera are much more challenging ...

Another day underway and more opportunities to find beauty, spend time with friends and enjoy life and share the beauty found as I walk the pathways and fly the airways.

Enjoy your day too and ... share your joy.



The green of all the fields is mine, the stars, the night, the wind at play,

A peaceful heart, while quietly

I go my way

Max Ehrmann

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