Tue, Feb. 18


It seems apparent that Barack Obama is desperate to extricate himself from a mess of his own making. So desperate is he, that he has made a fool of himself on the international stage twice in two weeks, first claiming the he "...never drew a red line.." on chemical use in Syria, a blatant lie shown to the world in his own words on video. The second is his claim that John Kerry's off the cuff idea for Assad to turn his chemical weapons over to international inspectors, an idea that Vladimir Putin jumped on, was his idea and was discussed with Putin at the G20 Conference. It is one thing to blame every mistake on the GOP, George Bush, or Rush Limbaugh, but to blatantly lie when such overwhelming proof of that lie is so readily available, makes the President look like an insecure child, caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

With his constant backtracking, denials, and pointing fingers, Mr. Obama has destroyed what little credibility his feckless foreign policy had with either allies or enemies. In trying to stand on both sides of many issues - the Keystone pipeline, immigration reform, tax reform, military preparedness, the national debt, Guantanamo Bay, and now Syria - has so confused his base that his credibility with them is in as bad shape as it is with conservatives!

Showing that his inability to speak without a teleprompter is dangerous, his impromptu "red line" remark has endangered what, so far, has been smooth sailing for his agenda to "fundamentally transform America" into a European style socialist state, that is isolationist and weak. This fiasco in Syria might shake Americans out of their stupor, a result this president's agenda could not survive.

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