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1918: JEROME; Horace Harrison Murdered, September 23, Part 6.


"Strong evidence that Augustine Aguirre, Felipe Cervantes, Diego Ballesteros and Enrique Estrada, the four men arrested below Camp Verde yesterday morning, were implicated in the murder of Horace Harrison is being gathered by the officers who are working on the case."

"Late yesterday afternoon Sheriff Joe Young took the shoes of the prisoners to a point near Clarkdale and found that they fitted the tracks of four of the men who were trailed from the spot where the body of Harrison was found."

"Those tracks led out along the U. V. & P. road almost to First View. There the fugitives left the railroad and took out across the country to Clarkdale. Their trail was lost on a limestone ridge but was picked up by Indian trailers and followed to the Verde river in the vicinity of Clarkdale."

"Five men were seen by guard M. R. Corbett before Harrison was killed and five tracks led away from the body. The officers are at a loss to say what became of the fifth member of the gang."

"Ballesteros and Estrada failed to offer any reasonable explanation for leaving their effects in their rooms at the Kosta Katich house when they set off on their 'walking' trip to Roosevelt."

"Undersheriff John Robinson today took the four prisoners to the county jail at Prescott, where they will be held until the investigation now being conducted is completed. All were supplied with new shoes for the trip as the shoes they were wearing when captured will be held as evidence."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Thursday, September 26, 1918; page 1, columns 6-7.)


"Phoenix, Sept. 28. --- A Mexican, who while eating dinner with a Mexican woman on a ranch near Chandler yesterday, told her he was one of the men who killed Horace Harrison, an officer at Jerome, early in the week, is making his way south, presumably in an effort to cross the international boundry, according to a report made to the sheriff's office last night by Deputy Charles Beckham, stationed at Chandler."

"A posse headed by Deputies Ed Warren, Charles Nafzinger and Skidmore of Maricopa now is searching the country. Telegrams were sent immediately to points south where the Mexican might stop in his effort to reach the border."

"The Mexican woman lives on the Hubert Brothers ranch, two miles west and one mile north of Chandler, and about four miles from Hanson Junction. The man approached the house, the woman said in relating the incident to Beckham, looking cautiously from left to right and was so nervous when he reached the house that he could not sit in a chair, but rather paced up and down while the woman was preparing his dinner. He asked for the meal and pulled out a roll of currency, in which the woman said she counted over $600. He said he would pay her well for the meal and did. The woman said that in their conversation the man said:"

"'I was one of the men who was in that fight at Jerome the other night. I am going to try and get into old Mexico, and I will never be taken alive.'"

"He displayed his cartridge belt, the woman said, and told her he had 250 rounds of ammunition. He had a large revolver. He also told her he had paid $20 for an automobile to bring him from some place north of Phoenix, the woman being unable to remember the name of the town. He told her he did not stop in Phoenix, and indicated that he went around the city in his travels south."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; Wednesday, October 2, 1918; page 2, column 7.)

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