Thu, Aug. 22

1903: JEROME; Amor A Primera Vista.

"But on Second Sight the Situation Became Complicated."

"An exciting case of love at first sight with more or less blue fire and an unusual amount of legal thunder and lightning, started in this town late Thursday night, and the denouement will be a happy wedding as soon as the love-lorn groom-to-be can get out of jail and raise money enough for a marriage licence."

"Catarino Rivera, 23 years old and full of poetry and nerve, arrived here from Jerome a few days ago and began hobnobbing with his countrymen. Thursday evening for the first time his eyes rested on the fair face of Senorita Manuela Sanchez, aged 16, and he then realized what a desert waste his life had been hitherto. He decided to win her and win her quickly so he enlisted the services of Jesus Orosco in bringing about a meeting. Jesus is a master in the management of such affairs and the shadow of night had barely enshrouded this corner of the earth before the young people were happy in each others companionship."

"Late Thursday night the girl's mother concluded there was something mysterious in the prolonged absence of her daughter so she placed Constable Gonzales on her trail. By daylight the officer had traced the couple to the residence of a sister of Rivera. Report was made to the anxious mother and warrants were sworn to charging both Rivera and Orosco with enticing the girl away from home for improper purposes."

"The men were easily found, arrested and jailed, admitting their conduct but without admitting any intention of wrong doing. Rivera said he was in love with the girl and she said that her affection for him was like pure gold: it would never wear out or change color. In jail Rivera said he had no notion of breaking the law or doing the object of his affection an injury. While he had hitherto harbored no serious intentions of matrimony he was willing, nay anxious to rectify the irregularity of proceedings by a hasty marriage. The more he contemplated the nature of the charge against him the more he appreciated the sublime compensations of wedlock. And the girl is equally as much a philosopher. She was infatuated with Rivera and would rather marry him than give him up."

"But there was one obstacle. It takes $2.50 to buy a license and Rivera was without funds having lived a gay life the past week. So it was decided to leave him in jail for the present devising ways and means. Orosco gave bond and both will be given an examination on Monday unless Catarino finds mercy through marriage in which event Orosco will be lonesome, for there is nobody making any effort to woo him out of the clutches of the law."

(Arizona Republican; Phoenix; April 4, 1903; page 6.)

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