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Home Sweet Jerome recounts 'fortunes, misfortunes, dreams and ambitions' of venerable mountainside town

If you had seen Jerome, AZ in 1979 when author Diane Sward Rapaport and her husband and young son drove into this ghost town of 250, you would never believe it could become what it is today - a bustling historic town with over a million visitors a year.

Big Earth Publishing and Johnson Books are proud to announce the release of the new book, Home Sweet Jerome: Death and Rebirth of Arizona's Richest Copper Mining City, a story of diligence, courage, and American fortitude that drove this little community from near ruin to prosperity once again.

Jerome was too stubborn to die. A copper mining town from its inception in 1876, with a population of 15,000 at its height in the 1920's, it became Arizona's most famous ghost town and a notorious and lovable hippie hideout.

For 32 years Diane Sward Rapaport was immersed in the social and political life of this village. She became engrossed in the "fortunes, misfortunes, dreams and ambitions" of this quirky bunch of misfits, artists and rebels.

From the $10 sale of Main Street; the ghost that lived in a gun; the theft of a large amount of money from the Catholic Church; and several 50-plant pot gardens growing in the mountains, these touching, comical and fascinating stories are part of the mesmerizing history of a town and its resourceful group of citizens who worked hard to overcome overwhelming odds and create a celebrated art and history destination.

The author has a blog,, on which she has written about the town and her upcoming book and will continue to update and support its success.

Available in book and gift shops throughout Arizona as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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