Tue, July 16

Gems from the past

As I continue my quest to delete thousands of images I find neat shots I had forgotten about. Normally I just go through the shots I took during the day and select one and sometimes two to send out with the nightly missive and the rest languish in obscurity until rediscovered or deleted. In case it is not obvious my passion is action wildlife, followed by aerial and floral ... composites are way up there too but because of the time it takes to do a good one I have not been getting them done at the rate I want. I'm seriously thinking about just planning to do twice what I know I can get done in a day and perhaps I'll be able to find more time. Anyhow, I took this shot of a Ring Neck duck last April and love the way he is accelerating down his watery runway ... a few more steps and he went airborne. I need to do that soon too.

It was a very good weekend and time spent with friends, working on the plane, photos and two pieces of Blue Chalcedony ... finish them tomorrow and photo to follow ... and more gem projects; having fun!

Monday is here, have a terrific day and share your joy and a few smiles ... best investment you can make today.

Cheers and smiles


The growing grain and the placid sky have a kind of voice; and though you are

alone, the boundlessness of the universe is with you.

Max Ehrmann