Fri, Oct. 18

Editorial: Where are all the experts when it's time to run for school board?

When a former school board member in Flagstaff announced he would not seek another term in the upcoming election, he explained his decision by saying, "I want to have friends again."

When you look at the ballots for this year's school board elections in the Verde Valley, it's readily apparent that this is a thankless job that not very many people want.

In most cases, we have just enough candidates to fill the openings on the ballot.

In Camp Verde, three candidates are chasing after two jobs, while the neighboring Beaver Creek district has two candidates on the ballot for the two board positions up for election.

The same holds true for the Cottonwood-Clarkdale races.

At Cottonwood-Oak Creek, three incumbents will be unchallenged in this year's election. Ditto for Mingus Union, where Jim Ledbetter and Anita Glazer are stepping up to the plate once again as the only candidates for the two seats up for election.

There will be a contested race in Clarkdale-Jerome, where four candidates, including three incumbents, vie for three seats on the school board.

Once elected, of course, all these school board members will have a target on their back and they will be second-guessed and criticized for everything from school bus service to the quality of the cafeteria food to curriculum to Common Core. Everybody is an expert on what it takes to be a good school board member.

Yep, there are a lot of experts out there.

But there are only a few willing to actually serve on our local school boards.

Out hats go off to those who took the steps to have their names placed on the ballots for these school board jobs this year. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your investment of time. Thank you for your willingness to do a job no one else is obviously willing to do.

Thank you for caring.

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