Wed, July 17

New Music This Week

<b>Caleb Johnson - Testify<br>
Label: Interscope Records

<b>Caleb Johnson - Testify<br> Label: Interscope Records

Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot!

Label: Surfdog

With the subtitle "All Original" clarifying this is completely new music and not tribute covers, the multi-Grammy winner is firing on all cylinders.

Tracks: Let's Shake; Rockabilly Blues; Vinyl Records; Lemme Slide; Nothing Is a Sure Thing; What's Her Name?; Calamity Jane; The Girl with the Blues in Her Eyes; Stiletto Cool; I Should'a Had a V-8

Caleb Johnson - Testify

Label: Interscope Records

The latest winner of "American Idol" tries to balance his intense signature rock vocals with the public demand to be "accessible" in his debut.

Tracks: Sailing Away; Save Me; Let Me In; Only One; Fighting Gravity; Devil's Daughter; Another Life; Change; Testify; As Long As You Love Me

The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt

Label: Island

The fiery grunge rockers sample other genres in their fifth album to break out of dangerous formula.

Tracks: Stay Vicious; 1,000 Years; Get Hurt; Stray Paper; Helter Skeleton; Underneath The Ground; Rollin' and Tumblin'; Red Violins; Selected Poems; Ain't That a Shame; Break Your Heart; Dark Places; Sweet Morphine; Mama's Boys; Halloween

Sinead O'Connor - I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss

Label: Nettwerk

After 30 years of music and controversy, the Irish chanteuse is coming at her songs from a different point of view, outside in.

Tracks: How About I Be Me; Dense Water Deeper Down; Kisses Like Mine; Your Green Jacket; The Vishnu Room; The Voice of My Doctor; Harbour; James Brown; 8 Good Reasons; Take Me to Church; Where Have You Been; Streetcars