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1908: JEROME; New Smelter Planned by G. W. Hull, August.


"Jerome will have another smelter running by September 1, according to the statement of G. W. Hull, president of the Hull Copper Company, who was one of the representatives of the Copper City at the democratic county convention here yesterday."

"In conversation with a Journal-Miner representative during a recess of the convention Delegate Hull said: 'I expect to have the Hull Copper Company's smelter in operation on ores from the Cleopatra mine the first of next month. The smelter, tracks and other machinery are now being placed in shape to start the plant. Four hundred tons of ore are already on the dump ready for treatment. The ore was mined from the Cleopatra mine in the Dillon tunnel. It samples from $10 to $35 a ton, carrying copper values from ten to eighteen per cent. The Dillon tunnel is now in 3,200 feet. The drift from the 1888 shaft being run to connect with the tunnel is in 850 feet. Connection will be made with the drift and tunnel by runing 550 feet. The tunnel will be 4,600 feet in length when it reaches the 1888 shaft. The tunnel taps six ledges, in all of which there is a good ore showing. Three lenses of ore are now being developed in the tunnel. The first lens is in the Cleopatra mine, through which the tunnel passes 1,400 feet. Power drills were started in operation today on the Cleopatra ore body which is being mined 1,200 feet from the mouth of the tunnel. The ore body is tapped at a depth of 900 feet below the apex of the ledge. Good ore is exposed on the surface indicating that the shoot is continuous from the tunnel level to the surface. When connections are made with the 1888 shaft the development of the other ledges tapped by the tunnel will be pushed.'"

"The mouth of the Dillon tunnel is in Deception gulch, immediately southeast of the town of Jerome. It runs through the mountain south of Jerome and the United Verde mines in the direction of the 1888 shaft, located immediately west of the United Verde Company's smelters. It taps the six ledges at depths ranging from 900 to 1,000 feet. Hull is the promoter of the company, and its president and general manager. He has resided in the Verde mining district since the latter 1860's. He is the heaviest stockholder in the Hull Copper Company and besides has other promising mining interests in the district. He represented Yavapai county in four territorial legislatures, being the oldest member of two. He was the oldest member present yesterday in the county democratic convention and was the center of many admirers during recesses of the convention."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; August 5, 1908; page 4.)

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