Sun, Feb. 23

Are we too busy to exercise?

We are all so busy. It is hard to find time for exercise, even if all what we need is some 30 minutes a day, five times a week. If you can fit in more exercise, go for it, but, oftentimes, I hear how hard it is to get even this minimum of half an hour a day.

What is a gal or guy to do in order to train despite the lack of time?

Well, we need to prioritize and organize and stick to our plans! First, create a plan: which days you are ready to train, what time is the best each of these days, and write down what you are going to do, in terms of the exercise. Is it going to be a cardio or a weight lifting session? Is it going to be at a steady pace or include intervals? And then, "just" stick to your plan!

It is always good to hire a trainer. You might want to do it for the first few sessions only, or to see a trainer on a weekly basis, or, if you know your form and are familiar with the gym, you might hire them to create a training plan specifically for you. Then, in a couple of weeks, get another session, get re-evaluated and get a new training plan. Might work wonders!

While you are at this, make sure that the trainer sees your form ad that it is the correct, safe form. Last thing you want is to eagerly start a program and get injured!

Remember to make things convenient: you want to exercise at a place which is not too distant from your home. Reduce the commuting time: it will result in more visits to the gym! Find a gym which meets your expectations and standards and is not too far from your home or workplace. Only then, when you feel comfy about the distance to the place, buy the membership. Also remember: if you are into CrossFit and your gym is all about Pilates and yoga, it might not work! ;-)

While training, exercise every muscle and part of your body, but limit exercising your jaw and finger muscles! In other words, the gym is for training, not talking! Also, limit the use of your fingers: forget that phone for one hour. Leave it in the locker room. You would not believe how many people render their session ineffective by simply training - stopping to check the phone - doing a few movements more - stopping again... There is no rhythm ad there is no intensity to your session with the phone! Just give yourself a chance to exercise properly for the time you are ready to spend at the gym: be it 30 or 60 minutes or anything else. Otherwise, just stay home and keep clicking the phone buttons: do not lose your time to come for a session which won't bring benefits to you.

One last thing, make sure to vary the intensity of whatever you are doing: strength training, cardiovascular training, anything. By varying the intensity, you increase the metabolic rate, at which your body burns calories over the 36 hours following your session. It will be, momentarily, hard, but it will result in multiplied benefits - worth to go for it!

BTW, when you train, please consider adding the weight training part: it will do wonders to your body! Just trust me!

Stay Fit-Fit!

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