Thu, April 09

Letters: We're left with countless failures and an imperial Presidency

I was amused by Gary LaMaster's letter to the editor 8-15-14. My guess is Mr. LaMaster is reflecting a large dose of CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal bloviating about President Obama's supposed "successful" administration policies.

While it may be true that Obama has signed fewer exec orders than any President since World War II, the overuse of exec order should always be a concern for our republic.

It doesn't help that Harry Ried is chief obstructionist in the Senate, having blocked about 100 bills from a vote, many of them coming from the House with bi-partisan support.

Often the content of an exec order is boring or produces little change. However, some are flat out frightening and go too far. A clear abuse of power is exec order 13603 signed by Obama on 3-15-12. With this exec order Obama has taken the step of claiming martial law powers for himself under any circumstances at all he can suspend elections, stop the Congress from meeting, force the Supreme Court to recess and deploy American troops on U.S. soil.

This order will also allow him to break labor contracts, force electric car production, hike air fares, raise gas pries, bail out any company he wants, halt consumer production, and other Draconian measures.

The quantity of exec order signed is not as important as the content.

There will clearly be no Obama utopian society. What we do have are countless failures of this administration and an imperial Presidency.

Mark Gettles


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