Thu, April 02

Letters: Grateful for factual information from Gary LaMaster


In the recent exchange between Gary LaMaster and Mark Gettles, the truth of the matters under discussion can be found in the factual remarks of Mr. LaMaster rather than in the opinions of Mr. Gettles.

While opinion is a valid form of expression, it does not become truth if not backed up by facts. Believing something does not make it true.

There was nothing for Gettles to find amusing in LaMaster's original letter. What could possibly be amusing about any of this? If Mr. La Master is influenced by CNN and MSNBC, then surely Mr. Gettles must be getting all of his "information " from Fox News. President Obama has sometimes been forced to sign executive orders because there have been situations that require action and Congress has failed to perform its duties.

And their failure to act has little to do with Mr. Reid acting as "chief obstructionist." The obstructionist wing of the Republican party known as the Tea party is responsible for this being a do-nothing Congress.

They alone bear responsibility for the lack of progress over the last six years.

I am old enough to remember well the days when Democrats and Republicans knew how to work together in a spirit of compromise to move the country forward and get things done for the American people.

We are all brought down by the belligerent, uncooperative attitude and childish behavior of the Republican House members. We are all raised up when an atmosphere of civility, productivity and generous spirit prevail.

Any so-called Draconian measures are those proposed by Republicans like Paul Ryan and Rand Paul who would not lift a finger or spend a dollar of public money to help those among us who are less fortunate and struggling.

Most of the long list of possible abuses yet to come that will supposedly be wrought by President Obama are so ridiculous that it is hard to imagine people who would believe any of it (unless of course they only listen to Fox News).

My suggestion to those of you who do actually believe all of this is to do some serious and objective research and fact checking.

I do thank Gary LaMaster for presenting carefully researched factual information.

My hope would be that we could all just stop being Democrats and Republicans putting party first and become Americans putting our country first. Government for the benefit of each and every one of us, not the wealthy few.

Betsy Maestro


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