Thu, April 09

Letters: The threat is a complete fabrication


Mr. Gettles's letter of August 24 represents everything that's wrong with right-wing politics. He cites Executive Order 13603 as an example of Obama's "Imperial Presidency," listing all of the new powers the order gives the president.

And, indeed, if you do an Internet search, your computer screen will be awash with stories from right wing bloggers and think tanks warning you to be afraid ...very afraid.

The problem is that the threat is a complete fabrication. pronounced the right wing claims false, stating that the Executive Order was "...simply a minor updating of a similar order issued by President Bill Clinton in 1994 (which itself had decades-old predecessors.)" Snopes concluded "...this is really nothing to worry about at all."

And according to, Congresswoman Kay Granger (R- TX) who was responsible for the original misunderstanding of EO 13603, removed her initial claims from her website writing, "It is incorrect to say, as I did in my March 30th letter, that this level of power is totally unprecedented ... President Obama's Executive Order appears to continue the trend of modifying previous Executive Orders on emergency preparedness and national defense resources preparedness. There are only a few changes President Obama incorporated - such as changes to the definitions of resources covered by the law - that have been included in his order."

Mr. Gettles's misunderstanding is what happens when you rely on political blogs, chain emails, right wing talk radio and "ditto heads" for information.

Gary LaMaster


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