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Personal emphasis on personal fitness is cornerstone of rec center personal training

Trevor Faust said the rec center wanted to improve in personal training. VVN/Derek Evans.

Trevor Faust said the rec center wanted to improve in personal training. VVN/Derek Evans.

Athletics can serve many different purposes for different people. Some compete in team sports, while others are individual. Some participate in sports just for fun. Others do it to better their lives. For those individuals, the Cottonwood Recreational Center offers them that chance.

This past January, the center started a personal training program. Roxanne Hrinko is one of the personal trainers. Hrinko has been a personal fitness trainer for 33 years. She said training each person is different, but there are some similarities.

"First, I do a concentration," Hrinko said. "Then, a health history to see what their goals are. From there, I find a program, if they want to lose some body fat or if they want to tone up and shape up. Then I design a program and that's geared for their specific needs. If they just want to come once a week or twice a week, I give them stuff to do on their other days."

She said the majority of clients who stick to the program eventually achieve their goals.

"The ones who only go once or twice a week or don't follow up don't see as much results," Hrinko said.

She mentioned that personal training is a great career to help others.

"I've always been interested in helping people live better lives," she said. "So, I talk about their eating habits and just generally everyday things, so it's not just exercising."

Trevor Faust, fitness supervisor at Cottonwood Rec, said he is happy with the results so far of the program.

"We had been comparing recreational centers and see what they are offering members," Faust said. "We knew we were lacking in the area of personal training. So we wanted to do a program in that area."

He added that personal training is great for people who don't want to worry about what exercise to do.

"You pretty much do what the trainer is telling you to do," Faust said. "They come up with a program and you follow it. So, it's really simple to do. We wanted to offer that service to members. So we can hopefully impact more people's lives and help them with their fitness level. That's pretty much how the program came about."

He mentioned that members of Cottonwood rec are charged $35 an hour for use of a personal trainer and non-members are charged $50.

Faust said that the program is completely based on the client's needs.

"They can hire a trainer as frequently as they like," he said. "Whatever their fitness needs are."

Faust said it is his responsibility to make sure the trainer is meeting the needs of the client.

"I need to make sure that they are making sure the program is well designed," he said. "That typically includes cardiovascular. Strength training for increasing bone density. I guess a standard workout would be starting at basic is a warm up. Warm ups are critical because if you don't warm up you increase your risks of injuries. You're always going to have a risk. But the goal is to reduce that."

He added that the warm up is the client's choice.

"Then you can go into the cardiovascular training," Faust said. "That's either running, jogging or whatever machine they will utilize."

He said the center has a large variety of workout machines the clients can choose from.

One client of the personal training is Beverly Schwisow. Schwisow has been a client for six months. She is also a member of the rec center. She said she decided to use the program because she has a herniated disk injury.

"I needed someone who could get me back in shape," Schwisow said.

She said she comes in two days a week and Hrinko gives her exercises to do on other days.

It has been about a year since her injury and Schwisow said the recovery is coming along fine.

Of course, the rec center wants to make sure only qualified individuals are hired as personal trainers. Faust said they require a national certified personal training certificate.

"Personal training is specialized," he said. "It's a certificate you have to get. There are different levels of certifications out there.

He added it's important that the certification comes from a valued place.

"It's important for us to know that," Faust said. "And make sure it's not from a 20-minute certificate you get online"

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