Sat, July 20

The director strikes a beautiful pose

The director ... I took this shot of a Woodie down at the ponds late October and while he was just stretching his wings out it seems as though he was directing an unseen, unheard orchestra playing a symphony beyond our vision, residing on the other side of our reality. As a director he strikes a beautiful pose ... and the sounds of the solar wind can be heard as it passes by our little planet and on out to forever and our Woodie friend orchestrates the music ... the music of eternity.

Another good day and One and I are beginning to settle into a nice routine; every time I brew a cup of espresso she gets brushed. She greets me at the door and sleeps on the desk while I work on photos. It is a good life and every day is bringing new experiences for both of us ... good ones.

It is late ... first cup of espresso, first brushing for One, in about four hours. Have a beautiful day and share your joy and some smiles.


And in this journey over a thousand hills and valleys called life, he is wisest who

is patient where the way is hard, has faith when he does not understand, and carries

into the dark places the light of a cheerful heart.

Max Ehrmann