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Benefits of Village Living: VOCA - Building a Community

This is the fourth in a series of articles highlighting the benefits of Village living.

VOCA, the Village of Oakcreek Association, encompassing one and a half square miles in area, and almost 1000 acres, accounts for almost one half of the area of the Village. Therein live over 5,700 residents, in about 2,300 homes.

Over the 46 years since it was first founded, VOCA now includes 25 HOAs, or about 40 percent of the Village total. Its residents, acting through the leadership of the Village of Oak Creek Association, have created assets and amenities that benefit all of us.

The most prominent amenity is the VOCA golf course. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, it is a fantastic course, and it is open to the public. In addition to providing a significant amount of open space to the community, many of VOCA's neighborhoods abut the golf course.

Those property owners that back to the fairways have the benefit of spaciousness, views and green vistas from their homes.

Those of us who live outside of the VOCA community enjoy the vast green expanses and treed fairways that we encounter in so many places throughout the Village.

The VOCA Community Center is a gathering place for the entire community, as the VOCA management allows its use by other non-VOCA community groups at modest charges.

The center opens its doors to various interests including Board of Directors meetings, government meetings, art classes, card and mahjong games, parties, art shows, a voting location in government elections, including even personal gatherings.

The Redstone Restaurant, located in the Community Center, is also open to the public and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Adjacent to the Community Center are playground structures for the kids, tennis courts, and a grassy area for dog lovers.

However, the best benefits of VOCA for the entire Village aren't really things that you can touch, feel or use. When VOCA was designed, its developers had the foresight to install underground utilities, a feature that preserves our uninterrupted views of our red rock scenery. What a benefit that the Village is not laced with power lines and power poles up and down every block!

All of the neighborhoods are designed with streets that make sense; there's more than one way out of each neighborhood for safety's sake. That's a benefit for all! But a really important part of VOCA is their CC&Rs and the fact that VOCA enforces them!

While there is often resistance to CC&Rs, they play a big role in our community. We are all assured of tidy yards, solid structures, well-maintained homes and groomed vacant lots.

How does that benefit those outside of VOCA? Those happen to be some of the very items that work to improve property values and maintain them over time!

This stability in property values spills over to all of the Village of Oak Creek, providing benefits to us all!

Readers are invited to send us their own ideas about why they appreciate living in the Village!

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