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Sedona Village Business Association puts best foot forward for local business

Tony Pugliano

Tony Pugliano

Tony Pugliano, president of the Sedona Village Business Association, spoke at Marketplace Café during the Tuesday night "What's Happening" series about the value of the SVBA.

Business owners and residents of the Sedona Village will find no shortage of reasons to look into such a valuable association and even join as Tony Pugliano found out when asking a few questions about the SVBA just a year ago.

He laughingly said, "Be careful! When you ask questions long enough, you might become president."

But why should the small and local businesses, for which the SVBA advocates, place such focus on the Sedona Village and its business association? Ken Rouse, owner of Marketplace Café and member of the SVBA, said, "It's about people. I think SVBA gives me the chance to roll up my sleeves and give back, using my time for the greatest good in our community."

Most people only view the Sedona Village while passing through, but 6 million people drive through SR 179 a year. The hiking, golf, great restaurants, fabulous shopping, and so much more should make the Sedona Village a tourist destination.

Rouse added: "The SVBA is proactive in getting the word out. It focuses on how we can most effectively reach both tourists and locals. We need a way for the businesses in our community to come together, share ideas, and make practical decisions."

Though there is a Sedona Chamber of Commerce, the SVBA tackles the immediate local problems like signage and codes.

Tony Pugliano said in his lecture that, "Our mission is to drive traffic and sales to local businesses and provide economic growth and development in the area." 

But if you don't own a business why should you care? Because, as Tony Pugliano put it, "Residents live here and benefit from small businesses. Successful businesses in the Sedona Village ultimately benefit home values and retail prices."   

Tony Pugliano lectured at Marketplace Café on the benefits of the SVBA for much the same reason Ken Rouse said he chose to join, "Business is important to who we are! I consider the SVBA to be a positive and mobile force."

The Sedona Village Business Association currently has nine people on the board, working to make their many great goals into reality, and really put the Sedona Village on the map.  

As Rouse said, "If people find the Sedona Village they'll love us!"  

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