Tue, Feb. 18

Two cell towers before Planning Commission Monday night

COTTONWOOD -- There has been talk on both sides of the issue for months and prior delays and a code change, now two cell phone tower applications are coming before Cottonwood's Planning Commission at the same time at 6 p.m. Monday night.

Both proposals are calling for an AT&T Wireless Communication tower of 90 feet. The applications both seek to exceed Cottonwood's 60-foot high limitation.

The first tower application will be presented by Capital Telecom Acquisition and is proposed to be located at 705 E. Aspen St. on the property of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. The property backs up to the slag pile crushing operation, which will also have an equally tall profile.

The second application has been submitted by Coal Creek Consulting for a site on the Mingus Union High School Campus.

The city recently approved an ordinance amendment requiring that when an applicant seeks a waiver of the height limit, the caveat contained in the new Ordinance 600 is that the applicant must show the same evidence that would be required if the issue were to face a federal court hearing.

In a highly competitive market for cellular phone coverage, applicants have been flooding governments for permission to locate towers sites throughout the Verde Valley. Camp Verde approved a 90-foot tower site north of La Fonda for AT&T. Clarkdale has been taking comments on a Verizon tower proposed on the site of mini storage units near the Clarkdale Fire District station.

A proposal was submitted and then withdrawn for another towers to be located in the Sedona Shadows area, west of Sedona.

Because the Cottonwood applications could draw a large audience, the Cottonwood hearings will be held in the Verde Room of the Cottonwood Recreation Center, 150 S. Sixth St., instead of at council chambers.

The meeting is at 6 p.m.

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