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1904: ROADS; Iron King Is Now The Equator.


"At a recent session of the Board of Supervisors ... new county roads were established as follows:" . . .

"Commencing at Cottonwood, Yavapai county, Arizona, and running thence via C. D. Willard's ranch, E. W. Hawkins' ranch, Humbert's ranch and H. J. Allen's ranch to a point where the same enters Deception Gulch." [on the way toward Jerome]

"Beginning at a point on the Upper Verde or Mesa road about three miles south of the Junction of the Cottonwood road with said road, said point being the junction of the new road with the Upper Verde road; thence about one mile southwest to another intersection, said intersection being the junction of the Equator Mining and Smelting Co.'s smelter road with the road to the mine. From this intersection the road to the right follows a gulch up to the Equator Mining and Smelting Co.'s mine and also the Copper Chief mine, being about three miles in length. Also from the above mentioned intersection the road to the left bears further south and then west up the gulch to the Equator Mining and Smelting Co.'s smelter. This road is about two and a half miles in length." [west of the Cottonwood Airport]

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; January 13, 1904; page 3.)

EQUATOR MINE [West of Cottonwood]

"'We hope to blow in the Equator smelter within one month,' says General Manager Clark to a News reporter yesterday, when asked if the Iron King smelter would soon commence to turn out bullion. Vice President MacDonald objected to the smelter being called the 'Iron King,' with the explanation that the Equator Copper Mining Company now owns no claim by the name of 'Iron King.' At the time of the settlement of the fight over the property, the Iron King claim was wiped out. Under the name of 'Iron King' the property is very often confounded with the property of that name in the Big Bug country; for the more definite designation of both properties, it is better that the mine in the Jerome district be called the Equator."

"It is the intention to start up the Equator smelter just as soon as the coke supply is sufficient to assure continuous work, there and in Jerome. A supply has been ordered with this object in view. The officials express themselves as determined to guard against another close down on account of a coke shortage if they have to pile coke up on the desert. --- Jerome News."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; January 27, 1904; page 1.)


"Coke is arriving at Jerome again and the camp has taken on its old time activity. The output of copper is now the greatest in its history, two 500-ton, and one 200-ton jackets being in operation, the actual amount of ore being put through per day amounting to about 1,400 tons per day."

"With the improved automatic machinery recently installed the force required to operate this is much smaller than was formerly required to operate it with less output. The force at present consists of from 800 to 1,000 men while it has heretofore been as high as 1,500. the present force though is being added to as rapidly as applications are made, as employment can be given to a larger number than is at present employed."

(The Coconino Sun; Flagstaff; January 9, 1904; page 3.)

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