Wed, April 08

Another day is our gift

And then... the glow faded and darkness spread across the land ... a little more rotation of earth and the bright beautiful light from the sun will bathe us in light and warmth ... and friends, family, those whom we know and those we don't will have cause to smile as life awakens everywhere ... and yet another day is our gift. Choose to look for beauty ... in those you meet and wherever you look and it will always be found.

Clouds spread across the sky as the day went on and I chose to delay the trip to the airport until late. There was space between the top of Mingus and the clouds so I knew it would be good; a friend decided to join me and he is a photographer too so I gave him the red rock tour at about seven thousand feet and then headed over to Sycamore Canyon to get some shots of the Hoodoos in the upper regions of the canyon and the lighting was excellent. Then it looked like we had about five minutes before the setting sun slipped below the cloud cover and illuminated the Sedona area. I took this shot as we were returning to an area south of Sedona where we could get shots with the sun on our back and the rocks lit up. This photo is looking up Long Canyon from about five miles south of it. I like the way that the San Francisco Peaks are also bathed in the last light before the sun slipped behind the mountain. A peaceful shot ... one to dream on and remember other days and other evenings and contemplate those yet to come ... forever and forever after that.

Finally was able to find a reason to buy components for a new computer system :+) I like to do lessons on the 60" television in the living room and have been hooking up my laptop to it and streaming them ... how much better to have a permanent installation like I used to have ... soon it will be so again. Great places to learn are and check them out and they are both good. So I bought all the components last night and this morning and a real power house is being assembled. For those who care it is a full tower Antec case, EVGA Z87 FTW motherboard and high end graphic card, Intel core i7 4771 CPU and 32GB of Corsair ram. Six hard drives all hybrid and solid state and a bunch of other goodies; plan on going from two monitors to four ... not sure why, but I want to and already have them soooooooo..... a kid who can buy his own Christmas presents. :+)

We're into the weekend ... have fun ... enjoy every moment of it ... back Monday morning



We are all ships returning home laden

with life's experience,memories of work,

good times and sorrows, each with his especial cargo...

... And, over all may we have the cheering hope

of joyful meetings as our ship

at last drops anchor in the still

water of the eternal harbor

Max Ehrmann

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