Fri, Feb. 21

Phenomenal shots of Sunset Crater

Forever... it was one of those kind of days today with visibility in excess of one hundred and fifty miles. Larry Lindahl wanted to get some shots of Sunset Crater today so we headed up to the peaks and were treated by some of the most beautiful lighting and extreme visibility I have seen on any of my flights up there. We got phenomenal shots of Sunset Crater with fabulous lighting on the top of the crater and the painted desert all lit up behind it. I'm sure Larry will have some of his shots up on his website before long and you can find his work at: ... he does nice work and it was fun flying with him today. I'll be sending out more of my shots from today later this week ... the shot I attached tonight was shot as we were leaving Sunset Crater on the flight back to Sedona. I like the quiet pastels of the Painted Desert lit up by the low sunlight that was streaming through some clouds and the craters now extinct leaving their mark on the landscape. All is quiet up there ... for now ... somewhere up here soon the earth will be torn apart as another volcano erupts from the peaceful landscape below ... and then lapse into the quietude you see here.

Tomorrow it is time for another geology lesson as my friend Bob comes up here to go flying with me ... a retired geology professor and soaring pilot ... fun!

Time to slowly send this out and perhaps Network Solutions will leave me alone tonight and all will be well.

Enjoy the day ... what a totally neat little spaceship/planet we are riding ... to who knows where ... the road between the two craters left of center is Leupp Road and I know where that goes :+)



The green of all the fields is mine, the stars, the night, the wind at play,

A peaceful heart, while quietly

I go my way

Max Ehrmann

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