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Verizon wants to locate 65-foot cell tower in Clarkdale

Verizon Wireless is moving forward with a plan to bring a 65-foot cell tower to Clarkdale, accepting public comment until Feb. 8.

Town senior planner Beth Escobar said this is the preliminary environmental impact phase of the Federal Communication Commission's process. Because the cell tower would be in the vicinity of Clarkdale's historic district, Verizon must comply with the National Historic Preservation Act.

Public comment will be accepted through Feb. 8, at which point the FCC will determine whether the communications company can move forward with a zoning application in Clarkdale.

"It's a public process," Escobar said. "Everyone in the town can comment."

If the application reaches the town planning commission, residents will be able to provide input in a series of public meetings. The commission then makes a recommendation to the council, followed by at least one more opportunity for the public to comment.

"The town strongly supports community involvement, so I hope that a lot of people take advantage of the ability to forward their comments on the location next to the historic district," Escobar said. "To me, that process really brings the best result."

Last year, council members adopted zoning regulations for wireless communications facilities. At that time, councilman Rennie Radoccia recommended excluding cell towers entirely from the historic district.

"They decided they would just look at it as a case by case basis," Escobar said.

People can send comments by mail to Ruthann Gates, 4685 South Ash Avenue, Suite H-4, Tempe, Arizona 85282, by phone at (602) 239-4845, or by email at

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