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1909: JEROME; Little Daisy Mine, June.

"BIG STRIKE MADE ON LITTLE DAISY. Excitement Prevails at Jerome as Result of Uncovering Rich Ore."

"Much excitement prevails at Jerome over the uncovering of new and rich ore bodies in the Little Daisy mine, and the feeling exists that a second United Verde has come into the mineral world. This report is confirmed by the arrival of J. J. Fisher of that company, who returned Wednesday night after an inspection of the conditions prevailing in the deeper workings of the mine. He states that there is every reason to believe now that the future of the Little Daisy is all, and even more, than had been anticipated."

"The strike occurred in crosscutting from the bottom of the 800-foot level to a point about seventy-five feet northeast. In that work three distinct veins were cut, each from three feet to four feet through, and the ore is exactly of a character as to place it in the family of the United Verde production. In this work of crosscutting streaks of blue gouge and lime quartz were alternately struck, both of which conditions were mineralized and each carry values."

"An inspection of the ore struck will satisfy the most skeptical; samples of which were brought from the ground opened. This work of crosscutting will continue to the lines of the United Verde, when it is expected further discoveries will be made."

"The group covers four locations, the Daisy ground being but a fraction of a claim. The locations run under the town of Jerome to the east, and the point opened with the main working shaft is distant about 1500 feet from the main hoist of the United Verde. This will serve to show the relative location of the property to the bonanza claim of national reputation."

"This mining proposition is one that has had behind it the utmost confidence of its supporters for many years. It was located by Mr. Fisher as long ago as 1898, and since that time it has been under operations at intervals, until the last two years, when it has received continuous working. In the face of bad financial conditions prevailing everywhere, this work has been continued under adverse conditions, but no interruption has occurred, the belief being that a solution of the development was to be expected, and in this the Prescott supporters of the enterprise figured prominently."

"The existence of another big mine in that zone should be considered of vital importance to the interests of others adjacent, and the creation of another vast mineral deposit is but in harmony with what geologists and others of experience have long contended. Deep mining is but the keynote of success, and this is again exemplified in this instance, as it has been in so many other enterprises. While it is also to be favorably rated as in favor of that sphere, the same regard will be shown other fields when work is given and extensive openings in the earth are made."

"It may consistently be said that the strike in the Little Daisy is but one of many others which will be made, the surface formation being an index of what may be expected, and which gave to the mineral life of this section the United Verde."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; Wednesday, June 23, 1909; page 2, columns 1-2; from Saturday's Daily.)

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