Fri, Oct. 18

Clarkdale will move into Demand Reduction Strategy II Water Alert

The Town of Clarkdale will move into Demand Reduction Strategy II "Water Alert". In addition to the measures in Drought Strategy I the following measures are also mandatory under Drought Strategy II:

• Sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios, or other similar paved surfaces shall not be washed down with water.

• Water shall not be added to fountains, water features, recreational swimming pools, spas, or wading pools holding more than one hundred (100) gallons of water.

• No new landscaping for commercial projects shall be installed.

• Landscaping not installed, which was required by the Town of Clarkdale to meet the Landscaping Requirements of the Clarkdale Town Code or Zoning Code, will not delay a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued, providing its installation is delayed as a result of a suspension of new landscaping permits and a surety is provided that is acceptable to the Community Development Department.

The Town of Clarkdale is asking its citizens and businesses to become more aware of their water use habits and determine where they can reasonably reduce their water use to ensure a long term, sufficient water supply for all of us in Clarkdale.

All Demand Reduction Strategies of the Plan are enforced by the Town of Clarkdale Utilities Department. Violations of this Plan shall result in the following surcharges:

• A surcharge of $50 shall be assessed to the account of record for a violation of Demand Reduction Strategy II "Water Alert", pursuant to Town Code Section 19-11-7.

• Surcharges shall double for every repeat violation that occurs within a calendar year.

Updates to Resource Status Levels and Demand Reduction Strategies will be posted on the Town's website: Signage is also in place throughout the Town providing notice of the prevailing Demand Reduction Strategy Level (Strategy I = "Water Alert"; Strategy II = "Water Emergency"; Strategy III = "Water Crisis").

Practicing a low water use lifestyle is a way each individual and business can reduce the impact of drought on our natural resource.

For more information, please contact the Clarkdale Utilities Department at (928) 639-2520.

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