Tue, Feb. 25

Sharing ideas key to making local business thrive

Tony Pugliano

Tony Pugliano

I have a confession to make: I haven't made it a practice to stop into local Village businesses and get to know the business owners like maybe I should have. It might seem like a small problem, but I didn't realize how much I was missing out on until a few experiences really put it into perspective.

In going to meet business owners and talk about the Sedona Village Business Association, I found myself in a pet store a stone's throw from my business.

Talking to the owner, Roxanne, I learned that, on top of a full pet supply and grooming business, she raises baby birds. I could tell the pride and care she gave to them and found it refreshing to hear her gush about her passion for her birds.

Every time she talked, the babies would begin chirping and looking around as if looking for their mother. What I thought was going to be a 15-minute talk from me turned into an hour Q&A on exotic birds. The hardest part when I left was realizing that she had been there all along and I hadn't taken the time to stop in.

I also had an inquiry to our new website from one of our local galleries and I decided to stop by. When I went in I spoke to a man named Shep.

Shep explained how artists were able to display their art in the gallery while also having a stake in its success as a business. It was a business model that I was unfamiliar with and I can tell that there was a lot of thought put into how they run a business and yet support their local artists.

Needless to say, I was impressed. When I left the gallery, I thanked Shep for the conversation and he left me with a quote that articulated what these conversations have taught me: "The conversation is not about relationship, the conversation is the relationship" -Susan Scott

The conversations I have been having in talking about the SVBA have renewed my charge and vigor with our organization. I feel that by visiting with people like this, I have been able to take a fresh look on my own business. I also see that having a local business association to share ideas and thoughts on business in the Village is a relevant need.

I further encourage all business owners to join the Sedona Village Business Association so that we can share ideas like these and help implement any action items that may arise from those conversations.

I also encourage all residents to take a stroll (or car ride) down our beautiful Red Rock Scenic Byway and pop into a business you haven't stopped into before. Based on my experiences, you never know what you may discover.

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