Tue, July 23

Think like a winner!

In life and in competition, we do not win at the finish line. We win as we proceed towards the finish line: by persistently taking steps towards our goals, by making daily decisions to do something healthy for ourselves rather than sleep in one hour longer, by sticking to our resolutions of eating healthy and "clean". We win over the weeks, months and years, as we steadily progress towards our goals. We win if we are at it full-time, 24/24 and 365/365.

Sometimes, it is just so tempting to find an excuse not to exercise, not to eat healthy, and not to drink that glass of sparkle water instead of a glass of wine. As a winner, you, actually, think how to find time for exercise, you plan to shop for healthy food and you plan your healthy menu for the week. And you plan to have the wine twice a week, but not daily. You also plan for unforeseen circumstances: oftentimes, we hear an excuse about travel: "I travel, therefore I cannot eat healthy." Yes you can. You can, if you only plan for it. If you travel by car, buy yourself a large cooler, prepare what you can at home and start from there. These days, pretty much all hotels and motels have a fridge. Or, you can keep fresh ice in your cooler and keep your foods in the cooler. If you run out of healthy foods, buy them at a local store at your destination, replenish your cooler and continue on the road! If you travel by plane, become a master at getting roasted chicken breasts past the Security, have steel-cut oats and ask the flight attendant for hot water to dilute them. Have nuts and fruits with you. Or, for those of you who use it, have your protein powder - so easy to create super healthy shakes, even on the road! I have been using all of the above tricks while I travel - from a simple overnight trip to a triathlon race to 3-week-long intercontinental endeavors. If we want, it can be done. You just need to want, set your mind at it, and... do it! Good luck, I believe in you!