Tue, July 23

1954: CLARKDALE Bought by E. P. Halliburton, June 1.


"Erle P. Halliburton exercised his option to buy the whole town of Clarkdale west of the Verde River in a deal signed by W. L. Allison in Phoenix Tuesday. The purchase price was not disclosed and few details were made public."

"The deal includes the Jerome water system, which Allison bought from Phelps Dodge Corp. along with the rest of Clarkdale last October. It does not take in P-D property east of the river, including Verde Valley Country Club, which the copper company still holds."

"The news that Clarkdale had been sold came to most people here as something of an anti-climax. Halliburton has spoken freely of his plans to build a $3,000,000 cement plant for some time."

"It was denied yesterday by one of Halliburton's associates that a deal also has been signed to lease or sell the old Miller Co. warehouse in Clarkdale to a garment manufacturer who would hire about 100 people. Unconfirmed stories to that effect have persisted for weeks."

"It was admitted yesterday, however, that a reconditioning and remodeling of the houses in Lower Town, largely unoccupied now, is part of the future plan."

"The package bought by Halliburton includes the Clarkdale townsite, all residences, business buildings and the domestic water system."

"In charge for the present is William Williams, a geologist from San Francisco who recently completed organization of an engineering crew which is doing preliminary work on conversion of the old P-D smelter to cement production."

"Asked yesterday if a definite date had been set for large scale hiring, a Halliburton spokesman said it had not. 'I hope people looking for jobs won't bother Williams,' he said. 'His crew is completed.'"

"Erle P. Halliburton, Jr., said here a few weeks ago that up to 500 men would be hired during the construction phase of the new industry and about 150 would find employment here after that."

"Final disposition of Clarkdale followed a year of negotiations carried on first by Phelps Dodge and later by Allison."

(The Verde Independent; Cottonwood; Thursday, June 3, 1954; page 1, columns 4-5.)


"Erle P. Halliburton was pictured this week by a business executive completely familiar with his Arizona interests as vacillating from week to week between decisions to push a cement plant here or to sell the project to someone else."

"The executive, who has been in close contact with Halliburton's plans since their inception, said he felt sure Halliburton's health was responsible for the near stoppage of the program."

"Halliburton is known to have been in extremely poor health last winter. He spent part of the season in an iron lung to relieve the labor of breathing, but is now on the coast."

"The Verde Independent's informant said that even Halliburton's closest aides are not sure from week to week what Halliburton wants to do, but he predicted there would be action of some kind this fall."

"ENGINEERING DONE: Engineering work, which has now been completed, has shown, he said, that the cement project is not only feasible but also a sound venture from every standpoint."

"He said he believes it can be sold, if that is what Halliburton decides to do, but he described Halliburton as a canny trader who would doubtless hold out for a high price."

"There have been several parties interested in purchasing the property in recent months, he said, including John McArthur, Chicago promoter and health insurance executive, Deep Rock Oil Co. and two or three brokerage houses."

"WITHHELD DATA: He said that during negotiations Halliburton appeared to have withheld some of the engineering information, apparently because he was in doubt about his final course of action."

"William D. Williams, general manager of the cement firm, was pictured as inclining to the belief, following a recent visit to the coast, that Halliburton wanted to sell. No one appears sure, however."

(The Verde Independent; Cottonwood; Thursday, September 15, 1955; page 1, columns 4-5.)