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1902: VERDE; Road South of Jerome, June 7.

"ROAD BUILDING: An Effort Will Be Made to Get the County to Assist in Building One to the Mines South of Jerome."

"The matter of building a wagon road from the county road where it turns east into Deception Gulch at the bottom of the hill south of Jerome, to the Equator Hill road south of the Cliff mine is again being agitated by the taxpayers and mining companies interested in the Jerome district, headed by the Hon. G. W. Hull."

"Mr. Hull, who undoubtedly is more familiar with road building than almost any other man in the Territory of Arizona, and especially so with mountain road building, he having for at least forty or forty-five years of his busy life been blazing trails and following them with wagon roads through the almost inaccessible parts of the great mountains from the perpetually snow-crowned mountains of the northern most parts of British Columbia south to where the great ranges enter our sister republic of Mexico, picking up an experience which fits him to judge as to the possibilities of opening up the hills to the freighting outfit, is taking much interest in this project."

"The road, as projected by him, would be of benefit to numerous companies who are developing south of Jerome, including the Brookshire, Con. K. D. & C. C. M. Co., Decatur, U. V. Jr., Black Hills, May Queen, Verde Consolidated, and George A. Treadwell companies. Mr. Hull says that the road would be of great benefit to the county in a financial way, as it would make it possible for a number of companies to ship ore as the Brookshire is now doing, and as Mr. Hull is preparing to do from his May Queen mine, and in that way they would soon become valuable taxable property, being assisted to that state by the better facilities through which to get returns from the development of their claims."

"This road would benefit seventy claims from which the county now gets about $2,100.00 each year in taxes, and a small expenditure for this road would undoubtedly more than double this amount in a short time."

"Mr. Hull suggests that the citizens of Jerome with the mining companies interested, join in urging the county to assist them in building this road; that he will in every way give all the help in his power."

(Jerome Mining News; Saturday, June 7, 1902; page 1, columns 5-6.)

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