Mon, Sept. 16

1916: JEROME; UVCC Improvements; June.


"United Verde Copper company, Jerome, Ariz., has in progress the sinking of an interior 3-compartment shaft from the 1000-foot level, this being the level on which the great transportation tunnel, with standard gauge tracks connects with the underground workings, and through which the ore is hauled out to the smelter at Clarkdale."

"The collar of the new shaft is in close proximity to the tunnel, and the plan contemplates sinking 2,200 feet. The equipment ordered for this shaft consists of an Allis-Chalmers mechanical hoist, with Westinghouse electrical equipment. It is described as a geared double-drum hoist, driven by an electric motor set, adapted to receive alternating current, and to furnish direct current to the hoist motor and controlling apparatus. The hoist will have a speed of 1900 feet per minute, and will be capable of operating to a depth of 3,000 feet; it will carry 7-ton skip loads and will be operated in balance."

"One of the most interesting features consists of the plans and equipment for handling the ore. The sheaves will be at the 800-foot level, and the skip loads of ore will be raised and dumped by means of automatic dumping cradles between the 800 and 900 levels, and conveyed through chutes to storage bins on the 1000 foot level --- one 1500-ton storage bin on each side of the tunnel, each one to be equipped with loading devices. The equipment is to be taken in through the tunnel. These storage bins will also receive ore from the higher levels. These plans were developed under direction of Will L. Clark, general manager, and R. E. Tally, superintendent of mines."

"Plans to use steam shovels in stripping the surface ore bodies in the vicinity of the old smelter site has been under construction for some time, and it is understood they are well matured, though not actually adopted at the date of this writing. These plans involve the removing of 80 to 100 feet of overburden, making it practicable to mine those ores from the surface down, instead of by underground operations adjacent to and within the fire areas. --- Mining World."

(Jerome News; Friday, June 16, 1916; page 1, column 1.)

"Richard Meyers and Ymsy Lynch, two University of Arizona students from Tucson, arrived in Jerome last week and entered the employ of the United Verde Copper company. The Bureau of Mines arranged for the placing of the young men, who are doing practical work in connection with their studies as students of the mining course offered by the University of Arizona." (Jerome News; Friday, June 16, 1916; page 1, column 6.)

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