Mon, July 22

Jeffrey Simbric pleads guilty to fraud charges

Jeffrey Simbric

Jeffrey Simbric

CAMP VERDE -- A Camp Verde man has been sentenced to three years supervised probation and prohibited from ever seeking a contracting license. Jeffrey Robert Simbric, 37, pleaded guilty to four felonies and a misdemeanor: theft, three counts of criminal impersonation and contracting without a license.

Simbric must also pay restitution to one of the four victims. Charges say that Simbric misrepresented himself as representing a company with which he was not affiliated.

A Yavapai County Grand Jury indicted Simbric, in May 2013 on a total of 20 counts for work done in late 2011 and early 2012. Simbric was released on a $20,000 bond in May. Three weeks ago, Simbric pleaded guilty to the five charges and was sentenced Monday.

Attorney David Gordon said the matter resulted from a "deteriorated relationship with builders." He said, Simbric attempted to make restitution to the one victim but the payment was refused because it was not the full amount.

The Better Business Bureau had issued a warning against using Simbric's company in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, an area to which he had relocated. Gordon says after his arrest on the May 2013 charges, he was not able to respond to calls.

Simbric pleaded guilty to these charges: theft by means of a material misrepresentation, or converts said property for an unauthorized term or use; criminal impersonation, pretending to be a representative of the company Surebuild Roofing; criminal impersonation, pretending to be a representative of Energy Roofers and criminal impersonation, pretending to be a licensed contractor.

Simbric told the court that he apologized to victims. He said he is 100 percent at fault and intends to make good on outstanding issues.

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