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1903: JEROME; Cleopatra Company, June.


"A miner who has worked for years in the Jerome district, and is now employed on this property, expressed the opinion to a NEWS representative that ninety days hence Mr. Hull will have demonstrated beyond any chance for doubt, that the Cleopatra is a wonderful property, in fact one of the greatest copper mines yet developed. Of this he says, there is no doubt."

"Jerome now has all her attention centered on the development work being carried on by Hon. G. W. Hull on the Cleopatra Company's property. Results of the work so far done on this group have demonstrated beyond doubt, in the minds of the miner and mining man who have visited the property, that the Cleopatra Company has a mine and a large one. Work of sinking the exploration shaft from the Dillon tunnel, continues with two shifts. All of the dirt being taken from this shaft is pay, and as depth is attained the ore improves in richness and it now looks as if the shaft were being sunk into an immense body of high grade ore."

"Wednesday a NEWS representative visited the Cleopatra group where he found the men piling ore on the dump which ore was being taken from the shaft or winze in the Dillon tunnel. Workmen employed here informed the NEWS man that they were not putting an ounce of waste over the dump from these workings; that while some of the ore being taken out would stand sorting, it could undoubtedly all be handled profitably with a smelter on the ground."

"In the old Winingham tunnel two drifts are being driven to crosscut the ledges which outcrop from the mountain above. In company with Mr. Hull the NEWS man went over the surface ground above this tunnel and was much surprised at the showing. About 200 feet above the mouth of the tunnel a cut of a few feet was made in the ledge from which an extra high grade ore was taken. Four hundred feet up the hill from the tunnel another cut was made with like results. The ledge on this part of the Cleopatra group shows from 400 to 500 feet in width, and in the many places where it has been tested has proven to carry the precious metals in pay quantities. Copper is in evidence over the entire width of the ledge, and experienced mining men and miners claim that there is every indication that there is an immense body of ore below, and development work from 400 to 700 feet below is demonstrating that the surface indications are not misleading."

"About 800 feet above where the explorations from the Dillon tunnel is being sunk, there is a shaft from which ore was shipped at a profit, and that at a time when Jerome had no railroad."

"Any person who cares to visit this property is made more than welcome by Mr. Hull, who is the president and general manager of the company, and he is at all times ready to show the tenderfoot as well as the experienced miner through all its workings. To those who doubt the future of the Jerome district a visit to the property of the Cleoparta Company will do all kinds of good."

(Jerome Mining News: Monday, June 8, 1903; page 1, columns 3-4.)

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