Sun, July 21

'Tommy Rocks' music store opens July 1 in Jerome

JEROME - You have probably heard of "Tommy Rocks" already: as a Tempe musician, Tommy Anderson has played extensively throughout Arizona, as a solo performer, with his Beatles bands "Ringo McLennonSon" and "The Beatless," and with his band " OvO " featuring guitar legend Joe Berger from NYC. He has since moved to Cottonwood, and performs regularly in Prescott, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe, as well as at The Spirit Room in Jerome and My Dobro in Cottonwood.

Although he taught high school English in Phoenix for the past two decades, Tommy Anderson has been a musician, radio DJ, entertainer and promoter (Janis Entertainment) for the past thirty years (you can check out his website at During that span of time, Tommy worked not only as a teacher and musician, but as a salesman, music store assistant manager, retail store manager and marketing director.

Since first playing in Jerome a decade ago, Tommy has always entertained the thought of opening his own music store, and he felt that Jerome would be the perfect location for this. This music store will be like no others in the United States, as it will be geared toward music fans, not just musicians. "Tommy Rocks" will be located in the New State Building, 110 Main St., Suite 6, in Jerome, just a short stroll up from the Spirit Room and right across from Grapes on Main Street. Take the stairs down to the lower level, and you will find Tommy Rocks along with other stores, including the Lincoln Gallery.

The store "Tommy Rocks" will sell and promote Arizona-based music (CDs of local musicians as well as Arizona Musician & Entertainer Hall of Fame members), some rare oddities and collectables, but most importantly, the store will sell autographed rock and roll memorabilia, including autographed framed albums, pictures, posters and guitars. The store will also carry guitars, ukuleles and other instruments, along with music accessories such as strings, picks, sticks cables and tuners.

Over the years, Tommy has collected autographed memorabilia from entertainers such as Les Paul, The Beatles, The Kinks, Donovan, Wavy Gravy, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, David Lindley, Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose, as well as by those who created rock 'n' roll: Bill Haley (and the Comets), Chubby Checker, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. He has also collected framed tickets from shows as diverse from an Elvis ticket to matted original tickets from Led Zeppelin's last tour before John Bonham died. The store will also have autographed guitars from Willie Nelson, Les Paul and others.

Although the store will deal extensively in framed autographed LPs and pictures, Tommy has designed and created "Tommy Rocks - Jerome Arizona" custom T-shirts and stickers. Tommy Rocks will also sell unique instruments, including accessories such as strings, picks and sticks, along with guitars and used instruments, including Rickenbacker, Jackson and Larrivee guitars.

Since Tommy also loves to play ukulele, he will be carrying Kala and Luna ukes, along with the "U-Bass": a uke that sounds like an upright bass when plugged in.

In the coming months, "Tommy Rocks" plans to actively buy and sell autographed pictures, albums, guitars, clothing and posters.

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