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Carol Gronewold -- Bike & Bean's secret recipe lady

Tony Fanelli of Bike and Bean and a customer flank Carol Gronewold and her display of Secret Recipe goodies.

Tony Fanelli of Bike and Bean and a customer flank Carol Gronewold and her display of Secret Recipe goodies.

Imagine yourself out on the trail. After a rugged climb or just taking a breather, you reach into your pack and voila! there is one of those goodies," homebaked" by Carol Gronewold that you smartly purchased at Sedona Bike and Bean in the VOC.

While you are opening it, you sort of hide it from your buddies, for you want the whole thing to yourself! That will be hard to do, for from the anticipation given away by your body language, they will know. Hopefully, they too made a purchase from the available variety of cookies and bars. Otherwise, prepare to share!

Author and illustrator of The Secret Recipe Cookbook, Carol spent four years compiling, testing, and designing her cookbook and making products market ready. Many of the recipes in this delightful and easy-to-read hand- lettered and illustrated cookbook began in her grandmother's kitchen.

Those recipes have been updated, be it through the use of a more wholesome ingredient, the partial substitution of oil for solid butter, a different sweetener, or the addition of an ingredient that would improve texture. Carol has developed many of her own recipes, gleaned from her five years as master baker for the original New Frontiers, once located in the Harkins Theatre Plaza as well as her general interest and love of cooking/baking for others.

Carol bakes according to state standards, stores and labels her products professionally and maintains their freshness through production control. Bike and Bean manager,Tony Fanelli, says Secret Recipe goods fairly jump off the rack as soon as they are stocked! He did confide that some customers like to eat them frozen, so he keeps a quantity in his freezer.

Suzie sought out Carol after friend, Paula Potter, served Carol's fig bars and chocolate chip cookies at a PageTurners Book Club gathering. In addition to finding Carol at Bike and Bean, Suzie discovered customers making Bike and Bean their daily coffee stop.

After a lovely visit, Carol gifted The Dunnery with some of her freshly baked Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies and one of her cookbooks. We didn't even wait to get home to try the cookies with friends Lee Klose and Phil Nordberg. Yum! The cookie is built upon a mixture whole wheat pastry flour, unbleached flour and brown sugar with enough rolled oats and poppy seeds to give it just the right crunch.

Carol sent us a list of the cookies/bars she currently makes for the bike shop. Besides the Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, there are Crackled Ginger Cookies, Epic Bars (protein bars), Granola Krispy Bars (with a variety of different nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, etc.), Mojos (fig bars), Peanut Butter Cookies, Snicker Doodle Cookies, Whoop De Doos (chocolate topped peanut butter brownies), Zone Outs (zesty cranberry bars), and Pistachio Triple Treat Cookies.

Some are seasonal because of keeping quality. The names of the items are based on biking terminology-The Dunnery will have to check up on that! Though Bike and Bean is the main outlet for Carol's business, she does take special orders a week in advance and she does bake cakes, breads and other goodies.

Check out www.The or contact Carol at 928-282-5495.

Sedona Bike and Bean is located at 75 Bell Rock Plaza. It's coffee bar bases its beverages brewed from Miscelad'Oro, a Sicillian artisan coffee.

Jeff has got to get back there for The Flame Thrower, a mocha with cayenne pepper sprinkles! Contact 928-284-0210

To your Health and Happiness,

Jeff and Suzie at The Dunnery

Bites and Sips

1. More detail coming on Shallots and Tea Light Vietnamese Cuisine. Don't wait for our article to try.

2. Just before the Slide Fire we had a delicious 2 course lunch at Indian Gardens Cafe and Market, four miles north of Uptown. We encourage our readers to drive up the canyon and support this and other businesses. Indian Gardens Café hours are 8-4 every day, with breakfast items available until noon.Call 928-282-7702

3. Sedona Hideaway House, located where the old Hideaway used to be (on the "Y") is soon to open. Still undergoing remodeling, it will be truly different with wonderful views. The website talks about an old guy and a menu that is "homestyle,leaning toward Italian." Check out the website, e-mail or call 928-660-5000

4. Not to be confused, The Hideaway Restaurant and Lounge's original owners, Marc Spector and Syri Hall, are searching out 3 possible locations and will be reopening. Check out

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