Tue, July 23

Food Neighbors Project weathers summer heat

A blistering Arizona day and many summer-vacationing neighbors put just the tiniest dent in the overall number of bags collected at the June 14 Food Neighbors Project Collection. Even so, our Village/Big Park Community once again came through with remarkable statistics, as 3,647 pounds of healthy food donations were contributed here by generous, dedicated and delighted volunteers.

Bright and early at the Outlet Mall, as the cars rolled in delivering bright green Project bags of food, eager students from Verde Valley School and Southwestern Academy worked alongside retirees and many others, sorting the beans from the Jello, the pasta from the tuna, etc.

Representatives from the Sedona and Big Park Food Banks stood ready to load their trucks, then transporting their treasure to those who need it. Programs like Meals on Wheels and the Backpack Program for hungry kids benefit from this remarkable Project, as now the food supplies are not depleted between holiday food drives, for the first time consistently meeting the needs of an increasing number of local hungry.

Our Village/Big Park Community continues to stand out, as more neighbors here are stepping up to help ... an amazing 343 volunteers. "It's so easy!" That's the secret of this Food Neighbors Project, modeled after a highly successful program in the Northwest and according to those special people who are the "Donor" or "Neighborhood Coordinator" volunteers. But more help is needed here and as the Project expands to the communities throughout the Verde Valley. The next big Collection Day, on Aug. 9, will celebrate the Project's one-year anniversary. All are welcome to inquire or sign up at Questions? Please call Gail Simpson at 284-9720.

Event Total

10,492.8 Pounds of Food Collected

(Total collections to date:  51,585 pounds!)

646 Bags Collected              

846 Donors enrolled

53 Neighborhood Coordinators

Camp Verde 

857 Pounds of Food Collected    

56  Bags Collected              

84 Donors enrolled

4 Neighborhood Coordinators


836 Pounds of Food Collected    

59  Bags Collected              

75 Donors enrolled

5 Neighborhood Coordinators Participating


1322 Pounds of Food Collected    

101  Bags Collected              

132 Donors enrolled

7 Neighborhood Coordinators Participating


2378 Pounds of Food Collected    

166  Bags Collected              

234 Donors enrolled

15 Neighborhood Coordinators Participating

VOC - Village of Oak Creek 

3647 Pounds of Food Collected    

264  Bags Collected              

321 Donors enrolled

22 Neighborhood Coordinators

KIDS Against Hunger

1452 Pounds of Food Donated