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1904: JEROME; Plans to Move Smelter; March.

"TALK OF MOVING THEIR BIG PLANT; United Verde Company Prospecting for Water at Junction. The Moving of the Smelter Would Save the Comapany Transferring Freight at Jerome Junction --- Have Dug Big Well --- Would be Great Thing for Prescott."

"The news comes that Prescott may indeed have a rival city close to her portals, for the United Verde company is prospecting for water at Jerome Junction with a view to moving the immense smelting plant from Jerome to that point, provided sufficient water is found to justify the move."

"The move would mean a great deal to Jerome Junction, and also to that city. The moving of the smelters would be a hard blow to the city of Jerome, for it would take away a large number of men employed at the reduction plant."

"The company has had men employed digging wells and otherwise prospecting for water. One well, 12 by 12 feet, has been sunk, and has seemingly an abundance of water. Other wells have been dug and pumps put in to test the flow of water. The company has been doing its prospecting quietly for some time."

"It has been hinted for years that Senator Clark had in contemplation the moving of the smelting plant to the Verde river, where water could be had in abundance. By moving to Jerome Junction the costly transferring of the great volume of freight for the smelter would be done away with. The ore could be hauled on the cars to Jerome Junction and treated there very easily. The only question that suggests itself is that of finding a suitable site for the plant. It takes considerable elevation to furnish dumping ground for the slag from the smelters. If that can be found at Jerome Junction it would be a model place for such a plant as the United Verde smelter."

(Bisbee Daily Review; March 17, 1904; page 8.)

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