Tue, July 23

1925: COTTONWOOD: Construction Continues, March.

"HOUSES ON WHEELS: A very large percentage of houses in Cottonwood came in either on the trucks of Farley & Osborn or the Jerome Transfer company. Just the other day a big three-room house was hauled from Clarkdale through Main street and over on to the lots owned by Barney Calza. A little while before that Jack Baker had three houses moved in on wheels, and now Dock T. Webb bought a lot from E. E. Simpson and will proceed to bring in two more dwellings." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, March 20, 1923; page 4, column 3.)

"BUILDING NEW HOUSE: Barney Calza is erecting another small cottage on Fourth street, facing the west. This new cottage is a one-room affair neatly built, with a small porch and designed as a room for a bachelor. Barney has about seven cottages in Cottonwood and he has done a great deal of the work on them himself. He says he is going to quit now, as he has run out of money and is getting too tired to continue without a vacation. Calza has been a thrifty man ever since he came to town, and is a good citizen. (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Wednesday, March 4, 1925; page 5.)

"PLASTERING HOUSE: The new house being built by Antonio Zanetta, Constantino Savoini and Batissta Fornara is rapidly nearing completion and the plastering is almost done on the inside and the exterior. The ceiling and other lumber for the interior finish is now on the job, and in two weeks more it will be in the hands of the painters. It will be one of the finest houses in the town when completed." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Wednesday, March 4, 1925; page 5.)

"ALEX MARIANNA BUILDS: On a lot purchased from Stewart and Hood in their sub-division, Alex Marianna has almost completed a nice, neat little two-room frame house. Alex has another lot next to it; but is reserving it for the future possibilities of the town. Marianna has already a fine cement block house, and plans, as soon as he can get a suitable location, to build another. Near by, on lots in the Cottonwood addition, A. Gilardi is about to complete a nice four-room frame house to be finished with a screen porch on the rear, and a porch in front. (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Thursday, March 5, 1925; page 4.)

"ADDITION GROWING: The United Verde Extension addition (Hopkins Addition) to Cottonwood is rapidly taking form, and starts out to be the Fifth avenue of Cottonwood. The new residence of J. O. Braley is fast assuming proportions under the capable management of N. O. Webb and Jess Hood, while right next to the Braley property, Benjamin McDonald and Sons have erected a thrifty bungalow for William Baraby, that is about ready for the painters. C. P. Young's ready-cut house is also about ready for the painters. It is of a New England Country home design and adds to the beauty and variety of the houses going into the new tract. The three houses mentioned are being surrounded by substantial fences and further down toward the old Hopkins brick house, J. R. Hall made a fine big house off of the old Jerome Del Monte grounds, and as quickly as possible he will overhaul it and paint it, and it, too, will rank among the best that are going into this sub-division." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, March 10, 1925; page 2.)

"NEW CHURCH: The Roman Catholics of Cottonwood and Clemenceau are erecting a church on a lot comprising about an acre that was donated to the cause by the United Verde Extension Mining company. this is to the left of the road going to Clemenceau from Cottonwood, and just on top of the hill from Barabee's shop. Workmen are laying the forms for the concrete foundation, and from general appearances it will be a substantial building of a size sufficient to accommodate the local congregations." (Verde Copper News: Jerome; Tuesday, March 10, 1925; page 2.)