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Living the gift of fitness

Kim Hollenbeck: The body was designed to move and exert force

Kim Hollenbeck: The body was designed to move and exert force

We all know that being fit and lifting weights is good for us. We've all heard how it increases muscle mass and bone density. That it improves our balance and coordination. Better fitness gives us increased stamina and quicker reflexes.

But how do the benefits we get from working out translate into everyday living, especially if we are over 50? Here are some comments from clients, that I have heard time and time again since becoming a specialist in Fitness Over Fifty:

"I carried my own luggage." "I moved furniture without my husband's help." "I have been able to get off some of my medications." "I can put on my socks and pants without sitting down." "I can take the stairs and not get out of breath." "I can get things off the top shelf." "I can get off the floor with ease." "I took a fall, but I caught myself and wasn't seriously injured." "I don't have a stiff back in the morning anymore." "I can get out of my chair without using the armrests." "I tripped but I did not fall." "I have more confidence in my body now and I don't have as much fear when I have to do something physical."

Do any of these comments speak to you? Are there any activities you have given up because you don't feel confident enough to do them anymore? Is it getting harder to get up off the floor? Could your balance use improvment? Are there some activities of daily living that are out of your reach right now? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to establish a fitness routine and make it a part of your life. If you are unsure where to begin, hire a trainer to help you get started. The body was designed to move and exert force. When it doesn't, it gets soft and flabby. Without practice, balance and coordination wane. Adding even one strength training session each week will help you achieve a fitness level that can directly improve the quality of your life.

"Living the gift of Fitness" means having the ability to live life fully with confidence and competence!

Kim Hollenback is the owner of Solid Rock Fitness, a one-on-one studio specializing in Fitness Over Fifty. You can learn more about her program at or call 928-301-0290

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