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Library continues to experience positive growth and change

Library volunteer Thomas Hofmann (left) assists Michael Bosco with computer access.

Library volunteer Thomas Hofmann (left) assists Michael Bosco with computer access.

By Cheryl L. Yeatts

Manager Sedona Public

Library in the Village

When Dotte Vande Linde moved to the Village of Oak Creek in 1994, the Village had no public library services. After serving at the main library as a volunteer and on the staff, Dotte, along with a committee of VOC residents and David Keeber, the Library Director of SPL in 2005, developed a plan to open a library service center in VOC.

At the time, Dotte did not realize that she would be hired to manage this library. Thanks to the hard-working committee and supporters of this project, Sedona Public Library in the Village (SPL-V) opened Dec. 13, 2005. A long-standing dream of a library in the Village of Oak Creek was at last being realized.

During the nine years SPL-V has operated, the library has experienced positive growth and change.  Dotte had no volunteers when she first opened the library. Today there are 17 volunteers who assist patrons and visitors with their library needs. Several of these individuals also volunteer at the main library in West Sedona.  

In 2005 the Village library was located on Cortez Drive.  The library was a small room with two desks, two chairs and two computers with library catalogs. When the library first opened, there was no public Internet service and no WiFi connection.  The library operated at this location for five years. 

Recognizing the need for more space, the SPL-V committee arranged for the library to move to Tequa Plaza in January of 2011. In the current location, the library has five desktop computers and five laptop computers with free Internet and WiFi available for patrons and visitors.  We have five NOOKs with pre-loaded titles for circulation.  We also have demonstration models of various e-reader devices and tablets. 

Sedona Public Library in the Village has proven to be a valuable and convenient resource for the community.  Our monthly reports reflect that we have increased the number of patron cards issued and the number of items being circulated.  The shelves are often filled with items being held for patrons.

In addition, the daily door count has increased dramatically since we opened, as evidenced by these statistics.

In 2010, our door count for the month of April was 1,680. The door count for April 2014 increased to 2,031.

The library recorded 229 computer sessions in April 2010. According to our numbers, 382 computer sessions were documented in April 2014.

The library also provides programs to extend our community outreach in VOC. A partnership with the Arizona Humanities Council and funding from the Sedona Friends of the Library has allowed the library to provide outstanding programs that have been well attended. As a result, we now offer some programs at two locations. 

The library also supports community book discussions at Sedona Winds Retirement Community. The library provides the books, and members of the library staff facilitate the book discussions. All of these programs are free and open to the public. 

The Rotating Artist Program is another way to display creative artwork by local artists and to bring people into the library. 

While we celebrate these accomplishments, we are not content to rest on our laurels.  We are ready to move forward with our vision for the library. To do so, we need your assistance.  As part of the strategic plan for Sedona Public Library, the library board is developing a survey to determine patrons' needs and wants at SPL-V. 

The survey will be available during July and  August.  You may access this quick and easy survey either online or pick up a printed copy at SPL-V.  Your opinion matters and your input is greatly appreciated.

Library events in the Village:

• Rotating Artists Program:  "Natural Wonders of the Southwest," the photography of Bill and Elaine Belvin, will be featured during June. 

• Accelerated Reader (AR): Students from Big Park School may take AR quizzes at SPL-V. Students will need their user name and password to access the AR database.

• Community Book Discussion:  Join the community book discussion at Sedona Winds Retirement Community on Monday, June 23.  The group will discuss the classic "White Fang," by Jack London.  Pick up your loaner copy at SPL-V.  The book is also available in large print and e-book formats.  The program, which is free and open to the public, begins at 1:30 p.m.

Sedona Public Library in the Village is at 7000 Highway 179, Suite C-102 in the courtyard of Tequa Plaza. Library hours are 1-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The library is closed Sunday and Monday.

When the library is closed, you may return library materials to the library drop box located outside the library.

If you need assistance when SPL-V is closed, you may call the main library during their hours of operation at 928-282-7714. Contact Cheryl Yeatts, Manager, at 928-284-1603 if you have questions or need directions to SPL-V.  Thank you for your continuing support of free library services in the Village of Oak Creek. 

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