Wed, Feb. 19

Be Fit Fit! Stay on the Fit Holidays Track!

So, we all sort of start feelin' this pre-Holiday rush. Soon, it will be one party here, another there, two over the same weekend. And all this can easily result in pounds accumulating all over our bodies! We can do many things to stop them from creeping on our (Fit-Fit) physiques.

First, it is all in planning. Bring your own food to the parties! Prepare a clean, lean and mean food item, bring it in and eat it!

Second, at the buffets, make sure you scan all the food available, and only then hit the few (lucky) items you really, but really want/must/need to eat. Research says this' the method to eat the least and the healthiest at any buffet! I also use this method while on the cruises: scanning the buffet for the best food available, then hitting these hot (and, usually and unfortunately, not busy) spots!

Third, DRINK! And I am talkin' water here! Drink water before and during the party. Ask for sparky water with lemon instead of the booze. Or get one glass of wine and flush it with two glasses of water. Your waistline and your hangover will thank you for this.

Fourth, think STRATEGY in case you are visiting with an uncooperative member of your family or an ever-sitting-and-eating friend. Warn them in advance you will get out and walk/run/visit the local gym daily, even on the Holidays days, because you simply have this urge and you must. Basically, what it is, you become unbearably grumpy if you don't, so it is indeed in their own interest to let you go. Just for a while, and you will be back, even happier and. healthier!

Fifth: Even for those of you stuck in the guest bedrooms or basement rooms of your relatives, who refuse to train: Think along the terms of the "body weight exercises". You have your body, which normally weighs anywhere between 115 and 250 pounds, right? So, USE IT! Planks, squats, back, front, side lunges, push-ups, burpees, pull-ups on the un-expecting-anything doors of the bedroom you are stuck in - all this, you can do without the equipment! Also, position yourself under a solid table, any table, hands on its edge, face up, legs straight for the advanced and at 90 degrees for the beginners, and pull up towards that table! See if it is really solid!!! ;-) Then, if you travel to your relatives, you have to have some luggage with you, right? So, USE it! Do back rows and swings using it! Take a bottle full of water and do deltoid exercises, extending those hands in front of you for 12 times, then to the sides. Opportunities are endless.

Sixth: Over the whole year, pray a lot that the family/friends you are visiting with do own a dog (or at least a horse or a donkey). So, if you are lucky enough that they do own a dog, walk them. Tell them how much you love this particular animal and how much you desire to be a part of making them happy, daily! Walk them with purpose, try to challenge the creature so they are also out of breath, their waistlines might depend on you! ;-)

Seventh: Do not overindulge. If you do, just start calmly over the very next mornin'.

Happy and Fit-Fit Holiday Season to you! Keep me posted how you are doin'!

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