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Be Fit Fit! Blog: So, you want to lose 10 pounds!

What to do? Well, notwithstanding the Holiday Season, there is plenty you can do to achieve your goal. You just need to allow yourself some time for implementing the first couple of changes and make sure you do not lose more than 1-2 pounds per week. Any faster than that, and your weight might be back sooner than later! If you "shed" fast, you do not build healthy life habits, you do not change your daily actions for a time long enough to imprint the new way of acting as your "usual" from now on.

To lose about one pound a week, you just need to create a 500 calorie deficit every single day of the week. You can do it in two ways: by exercising and/or making better food choices. The best approach is to combine both of them: making sure you burn some additional calories each day by simply walking, jogging, running, biking, swimming, playing out with the kids, and weight lifting at your local gym or with a trainer, and also eating "cleaner", leaner and meaner foods. Sometimes, a little change such as abandoning your soda-drinking habit can result in a loss of many pounds over the year! Many Americans drink literally hundreds of calories, due to the "soda habit". Drink water, sparkly water with lemon, or 1%-2% milk, but, please, give up that soda! Apart from all the calories it contains, it is also full of chemicals 9all these ingredients which are hard to pronounce). You might try to say, well, I will drink a zero calories soda from now on. I'd not do that, either; the sw eeteners used in these are so sweet that they challenge and permanently change your taste! This is why today's kids do not taste the sweetness of an orange, their taste buds are used to so incredibly sweet taste that nothing natural would do!

Also, you might want to try to eat that breakfast, after all. I know, many of you would say that you do not even 'feel" like eating in the morning, or perhaps this is the meal which is the easiest to skip during the day - in the afternoon, temptations are too many! Well, if we do not front-load with food for the day (so to speak), we will crash and be hungry and attack that vending machine later on. Surely enough. We will also make worse food choices, because we will be hungry. If we happen to shop for food, we will load the cart with many unnecessary and fattening items, because we will be on the "hungry edge". So, make sure you do eat breakfast every day and that you eat lots of proteins for your breakfast. They make us feel satiated for much longer than the carbs or fats, and they also tend to be good food choices, lean and healthy. Think along the lines of scrambled eggs with kale or spinach or Greek yoghurt or milk, maybe even with some protein powder in it. I personally

eat about 5 times a day, sometimes 6. As a result, I am never hungry and I feel energetic and happy. I'd eat some healthy fare every 3 hours or so, just to make sure my metabolism keeps churning. Now, I am aware there are nutritionists who say we should, actually, eat three times a day, point. And then, there are those who promote the way I eat. You have to see what works for you, there is no simple, single answer for all of us. What makes you eat healthy and feeling energetic is the right answer for you.

Keep some notes regarding what (and how much) you eat. We all tend to underestimate the calories ingested, especially if they come in form of a drink. Somehow, the more fluid the food is, the more we think of it in terms of a low-caloric fare- while that margarita can and will set you back by 500 calories plus!

Then, there are little things that, if applied religiously, will add up and result in weight loss. For example, did you know that spicy foods tend to burn more calories? So, go ahead and have some jalapenos and pepper in your food, because hot peppers can burn an additional 20 calories while being digested.

And, in case you head for that party tonight, gulp one-two glasses of water before you open your door, this will make you feel fuller and more satiated and will reduce your chances at overeating. Some people also say that they succeed by simply having a healthy snack before they go out, so they don't jump on the buffet table like a mad dog on a mission.

Just be consistent and never-ever give up! In no time, the pounds will start melting, no matter that it is the Season of eating and partying and indulging to the brim! Good luck!

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